Sound & Shape “Peasants”

I remember late 2014, around the time I got Sound & Shape‘s Bad Actors album for review. That was a time I was actually getting a few extremely worthwhile independent albums, specifically by the bands Black Map and Suburban Myth. All three of these bands showed potential to be major recording acts, and had (and likely still have) a much better and more professional sound than most independent bands I’ve ever reviewed. One of these bands, Black Map, has since been signed to eOne‘s label. I don’t typically pick favourites among indie bands, but Sound & Shape’s Bad Actors is probably the album I found to be the best out of the three, which is why I was thrilled when they asked me to review their upcoming EP Peasants. Continue reading


Sound & Shape “Bad Actors”

Nashville trio Sound & Shape may come off as just another rock band at first. They aren’t overtly heavy, not even really hard rock, definitely categorized under the very broad alternative genre. It’s when I realize just that that my perspective changed. After I determined their Bad Actors album fits in the alternative category, I realized that I couldn’t immediately think of another alternative band that they really resemble.

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