My Top 10 Albums of 2016

Best albums of 2017

2016 has proven to be a year to forget in respect to my reviews. The amount of albums I accepted and committed to reviewing completely overwhelmed me to the point of practically hiding myself and only coming out every once in a while. This includes writing reviews for the other two great sites that I love writing for. I’ve accepted considerably less albums to review this year and really just stuck with reviewing what I wanted to review, and for all of those emails that I never responded to and to the one or two reviews that I never wrote, I sincerely apologize and I hope that 2017 will bring me back to my old self.

That being said, 2016 was perhaps the best year in a long time for new albums, and as I so love to do every year, I want to talk about my top ten album picks of 2016. There are surely a lot of great independent albums that I passed up that could deserve mentions, and even a major release or two that could have stood a chance. For instance, had I listened to Kaleo‘s A/B in full I’m sure it would probably be on this list, considering how great everything I’ve heard from it is, but I haven’t heard the full album and thus can’t really assess it. But here are the ten picks that I know are great.

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Megadeth “Dystopia”

Megadeth Dystopia Album Review

I’m a little late in the game for this Megadeth review, but hey, I had a busy January. For years, it Megadeth fans have been longing for a return to the band’s glory days, when they were a defining force in the surge of thrash metal. They’ve shown signs of returning briefly on efforts such as 2011’s Thirteen and it’s 2009 predecessor Endgame, but I think their venture in to traditional heavy metal with 2013’s Super Collider simmered any hope that the once supreme thrash gods were still in there somewhere. Well, after a very public line up change, Megadeth return with Dystopia.

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Megadeth “Super Collider”

originally posted on Saturday, 13 July 2013

In the seven or so months since I started this website, I’ve never been so nervous to write about an album. The reason being I’ve never disagreed more with fellow reviewers on an album. Megadeth have been an established metal band for a couple of decades now. Everyone knows the story, but for those who don’t I’ll be happy to share; Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine was originally the lead guitarist and co-lead vocalist of a band. Metallica was the name of this band, you may have heard of them. Anyway, he was kicked out from the band practically overnight, and to get back at them he started Megadeth. They are coined a thrash metal band due to the aggression and personal anger that was heard in the bands first few albums, and because of the movement of thrash metal that was developing directly around them. Some of these “thrash” albums the band released were pure excellence, such as Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying and Rust In Peace.
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