A Breach of Silence “Secrets”

A Breach of Silence Secrets Album Review

Secrets is the name of the upcoming third album by A Breach of Silence. I must be doing something right because for the third time I was asked to review it. Whether or not I am doing something right, you can bet the band is doing plenty. The transition between their first album Dead or Alive and their second album The Darkest Road saw the band transition from being a pure and simple metalcore band, cliché’s and all, to a band making songs with a bit more substance. That told me I could only expect great things from Secrets.

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A Breach of Silence “The Darkest Road”

When I reviewed A Breach of Silence‘s 2013 album Dead Or Alive, I did have some negative things to say, frankly about metalcore music in general, but I believe I put my point across that my opinions on the album weren’t all bad. I’ll start by saying my stance on metalcore hasn’t changed much; I still believe it has become to modern metal what hair metal was to rock music by the early 90s (everyone trying to sound like everyone else). Negativity aside I was thrilled to find out about A Breach of Silence’s follow-up effort The Darkest Road.

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A Breach of Silence “Dead or Alive”

originally posted on Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I feel as though I’ve started off so many articles saying this but “screaming” in music is something I don’t enjoy. I mean, especially in punk/pop-punk/anything remotely related to modern punk with screaming is just so bland. There are exceptions when it comes to metal related screaming though, but only some. I look at screaming in metal the same way people in the early 90’s looked at the high-pitched voices of what 80’s “hair” metal became, it all sounds the same, which is why I downright dislike bands whose sole vocal performance on every to almost every song involves nothing but screaming. It’s good to listen to when a little anger is needed to be offset, but that’s about it. Bands like, off the top of my head, All That Remains who, even in their heaviest days, combined screaming vocals with clean vocals fairly evenly and feature no real punk elements, so they can still retain my attention. Australia’s A Breach of Silence also fit under this category. Continue reading