A Breach of Silence “Secrets”

A Breach of Silence Secrets Album Review

Secrets is the name of the upcoming third album by A Breach of Silence. I must be doing something right because for the third time I was asked to review it. Whether or not I am doing something right, you can bet the band is doing plenty. The transition between their first album Dead or Alive and their second album The Darkest Road saw the band transition from being a pure and simple metalcore band, cliché’s and all, to a band making songs with a bit more substance. That told me I could only expect great things from Secrets.

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Sages “Sleepwalker”

Sages Sleepwalker Album Review

What do you call metalcore music that doesn’t really have a lot of screaming at all? Sages certainly aren’t a metalcore band, but this thought occurs to me when I listen to their album Sleepwalker. I mean, just like any subgenre, metalcore has meant many different things for many different bands and has evolved (really for the worst) the way other genres evolve.

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We Are The Catalyst “Elevation”

We Are The Catalyst Elevation Review

We Are The Catalyst is a Swedish alternative metal formed in 2012. Since their formation they’ve modestly released an EP and a full length album on Ferocity Records. We Are The Catalyst’s sound isn’t unlike other alternative metal bands, but what sets them aside is the way they compose and deliver their music, which they hope will be shown on their upcoming second album Elevation.

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Erra “Drift”

Erra is a progressive metalcore band from Alabama. Like any progressive band of any sort, they change the way their style of music is played. They make it more complex and altogether they separate themselves from the herd of other metalcore bands out there trying to make music that sounds like the last band’s. Now three albums into their career with the recently released Drift, Erra are out to spread their name even further throughout the metal world.

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Roses Unread “The Silver Lining”

Roses Unread The Silver Lining Review

Roses Unread is a band from Memphis, Tennessee, and while I naively always think of music from the southern east state to typically be of the roots/folk realm of things, I couldn’t be more incorrect. Seriously, I looked up other music from the area and the stuff I found ranged from my somewhat ignorantly perceived folk stuff to electro funk. Roses Unread aren’t folk, nor are they electro funk, but rather a heavy metal band, evident on their new album The Silver Lining. Continue reading

Bullet For My Valentine “Venom”

Bullet For My Valentine Venom review

I still don’t understand exactly what peoples problem with Temper Temper was, and you can read exactly what I thought about that album by clicking here. It didn’t have that absolute standout track like Bullet For My Valentine‘s previous three albums, but it showed what sounded like a very comfortable transition from the done to death metalcore sound into a more standard heavy metal sound, yet critics didn’t take to it – however the fellow fans I know have nothing bad to say about it. BFMV clearly heard these critics words and seem to have taken them to heart because they’ve recently returned with Venom, another metalcore album.

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Red Seas Fire “Resolution”

I’m usually very selective of the Metalcore I review. It can tend to sound the same and therefore I’m not usually afraid to turn down reviews for metalcore bands, particularly when I’m backed up such as how I am now. Red Seas Fire just so happened to peak my interest though. It may be that their EP Resolution is only four songs long and therefore I thought there wasn’t going to be too many songs that would risk losing my interest, but that’s the pessimist in me I suppose. The optimist in me likes to think that the reason I chose to review Red Seas Fire is because I heard something unique in their songs that other metalcore bands lacked.

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