My Top Albums of 2017

Best albums of 2017

I’m back, just temporarily for now. Yes, I really don’t review much these days because of time restraints, but the future still holds many albums to be reviewed by me. When that will happen is something I couldn’t tell you right now. Could be in a few months, could be next year, but I still wanted to get my top 10 list written for the year of 2017 because it’s one of the main things I look forward to every year.

This year I’m probably going to be writing more about each album than most years, due to the fact that I never actually wrote initial reviews for any of them, except for one. As well as another I started but never finished. Therefore I’ll do less talking here and start with the list!

But of course, please check out my previous yearly top 10 lists here.

And remember, this is only my opinion, so don’t be an ass. I would however love to hear what your favourite albums were so please feel free to share! Each ranking will be accompanied by a video of my favourite song from the respective album as well. In past years I’d include the “album highlight” for each album, which isn’t always necessarily my favourite, but I decided to change that this year. Continue reading


Sound & Shape “Peasants”

I remember late 2014, around the time I got Sound & Shape‘s Bad Actors album for review. That was a time I was actually getting a few extremely worthwhile independent albums, specifically by the bands Black Map and Suburban Myth. All three of these bands showed potential to be major recording acts, and had (and likely still have) a much better and more professional sound than most independent bands I’ve ever reviewed. One of these bands, Black Map, has since been signed to eOne‘s label. I don’t typically pick favourites among indie bands, but Sound & Shape’s Bad Actors is probably the album I found to be the best out of the three, which is why I was thrilled when they asked me to review their upcoming EP Peasants. Continue reading

Free From Gravity “Saints & Sinners”

Free From Gravity Saints & Sinners Album Review

“Kick assed chilled out rock” is a quote that Free From Gravity has in their Facebook page to help describe their sound. I’m glad it’s there, I would have otherwise had trouble trying to analyze the sound on their new EP Saints & Sinners without simply calling it a rock EP. I still don’t think the UK band should limit themselves to just that description though.

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Shotgun Sawyer “Thunderchief”

Shotgun Sawyer Thunderchief Album Review

Earlier this year I reviewed a self titled EP by a band called Thunderchief. The four songs on that EP were a really good display of a band that has a modern blues sound, similar to that of The Black Keys or Jack White. Both are artists I’ve never cared for, but Thunderchief took that sound and made it into something I care for a little more. You can read the full review here. Recently the band changed their name to Shotgun Sawyer and have a full album, their first, coming out shortly. That album is appropriately titled Thunderchief. Continue reading

Higuera “Always Have A Secret Plan”

I have found bands would change their names for two reasons: one because they just all around regret the name in the first place and they haven’t gone so far into their careers to the point where changing it could ruin everything (the way Dave Grohl wishes he named Foo Fighters something better) and the other reason being that the band just wants to start off on a completely new slate. For the case of California’s Higuera, I feel like both may have played a part in their reasoning. I mean I can’t verify either, but I don’t even know how to pronounce their former name THRDVSN, but also, listening to the one THRDVSN song I could find online, Higuera have up and changed their sound quite drastically on their new EP Always Have A Secret Plan.

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Warme “Council House Opera”

Warme Council House Opera Review

Warme was given to me in a very unique way. The band recently released a song called New Man – a stripped down sombre dark melancholy sounding track – not long at all before the release of their upcoming album Council House Opera, but the song is not on the actual album, though it is a bonus track on some versions. I found this odd for an up and coming band. Regardless, the song intrigued me to take on the album, even if it’s not on the album (a fact I didn’t actually know when accepting the album for review).

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