My Top Albums of 2015

2014 was no 2013 in respect to the albums that were released. I don’t know if there are many other years that had as many amazing albums released as 2013 did. 2015 showed a bit more promise, leaving me a little more excited about writing this post about my favourite albums of 2015. Like last year and the year before I’ll be talking a bit about each album and posting a song to accompany the album, for those who have never listened to each respective album. This year sees an increase in bands which were given to me for review who I had never previously heard of. Almost half of the list as well as some honourable mentions have that in common, which makes this year’s Top 10 different from last year and completely different from the year before that. Continue reading


Blitzen Trapper “All Across This Land”

If there’s one type of music I haven’t been able to get enough of, it’s southern rock. That and Country rock have taken up a lot of what I’ve listened to on my spare time the past month, so I was pleased when I saw the next band on my list was one that could fit in to those categories. Blitzen Trapper have been around for about fifteen years and have a good number of albums under their belt. Their eighth and latest being All Across This Land.

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The Bloody Nerve “Taste”

The Bloody Nerve Taste Review

It was a couple of years ago that I was given The Bloody Nerve‘s first three song EP for review. After reviewing that EP, which goes by the title Red (you can read that review here) I managed to become good friends with the Nashville duo. It’s the worst mistake as a critic to admit that but they are friends in the best possible way because they still expect nothing but honesty, which I was while reviewing their follow up EP Blue (you can read that review here) which I didn’t find as good as its predecessor. Now after some anticipation, Stacey Blood, Laurie Ann Layne and company are set to release their first full length album Taste.

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Turk Tresize “If It Is To Be”

Turk Tresize If It Is to Be Review

A little over a year ago I was introduced to Turk Tresize and his unique blend of soul, blues, rock and roots . His debut album Soul Casino was at the time the most diverse independent album I’d ever been given for review and still remains one of them today. You can read my review and listen to some tracks on it here. I was excited to be asked to review his soon to be released second album If It Is To Be as I was curious if Turk would decide to change things up.

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Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band “The Sequel” (Full Album)

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band

About ten months ago, I did a review on Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band. It was a weird review in that their entire new album The Sequel hadn’t been released yet, but rather a six song sampler that Mark so kindly asked me to review with the expectation that the full album would be recorded and released by that summer. Well one thing led to another and that release was postponed until just recently. Now with five new tracks Mark has once again requested I share my thoughts, so I’ll be re-using some words from my initial review of The Sequel as well as adding my new thoughts as well.

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Slam Cartel “Handful of Dreams”

Slam Cartel‘s Handful of Dreams is the kind of album I always hope for. One that isn’t what I’d consider a one dimensional album, with all songs sounding different from each other and all of which impressively written. It was released in 2011, something I only just figured out a few days ago. I kind of wish it was given to me sooner, but regardless I was asked to review it now and I couldn’t be more obliged.

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The Trews “The Trews”

For a guy as in love with Canadian classic rock as I am, I sure am dumb when it comes to the modern/future torch carriers of Canadian rock music. Recently – August 1st to be exact – I was able to catch The Trews live for free (my friends paid for my ticket as long as I was the DD.) For years I’ve been hearing mention of The Trews, not realizing just how many songs of theirs I’ve heard on a daily basis on the radio. After putting on one hell of a show, one that I’d have to say was my favourite of all the concerts I attended this summer, I decided it was time I gave these future Canadian Music Hall of Fame shoo-ins a chance. But the point of this review is their fifth and most recent self titled album; one that sees the band grow further in to a mature an comfortable rock sound.

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