My Top 10 Albums of 2016

Best albums of 2017

2016 has proven to be a year to forget in respect to my reviews. The amount of albums I accepted and committed to reviewing completely overwhelmed me to the point of practically hiding myself and only coming out every once in a while. This includes writing reviews for the other two great sites that I love writing for. I’ve accepted considerably less albums to review this year and really just stuck with reviewing what I wanted to review, and for all of those emails that I never responded to and to the one or two reviews that I never wrote, I sincerely apologize and I hope that 2017 will bring me back to my old self.

That being said, 2016 was perhaps the best year in a long time for new albums, and as I so love to do every year, I want to talk about my top ten album picks of 2016. There are surely a lot of great independent albums that I passed up that could deserve mentions, and even a major release or two that could have stood a chance. For instance, had I listened to Kaleo‘s A/B in full I’m sure it would probably be on this list, considering how great everything I’ve heard from it is, but I haven’t heard the full album and thus can’t really assess it. But here are the ten picks that I know are great.

And please check out my past top 10 lists here.

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Shotgun Sawyer “Thunderchief”

Shotgun Sawyer Thunderchief Album Review

Earlier this year I reviewed a self titled EP by a band called Thunderchief. The four songs on that EP were a really good display of a band that has a modern blues sound, similar to that of The Black Keys or Jack White. Both are artists I’ve never cared for, but Thunderchief took that sound and made it into something I care for a little more. You can read the full review here. Recently the band changed their name to Shotgun Sawyer and have a full album, their first, coming out shortly. That album is appropriately titled Thunderchief. Continue reading

Electric Citizen “Higher Time”

It’s pretty widely known that just about every metal band, no matter how impossible it is to imagine, has Black Sabbath as their root. Even if bands don’t realize it. Often times these bands don’t realize that these bands that they admire started off playing Sabbath covers or grew up admiring Tony Iommi‘s guitar riffs etc. Some bands, however, hold their Sabbath influence on their sleeve and embrace it. To slightly paraphrase Tony Iommi, a lot of these bands just take one ingredient from Black Sabbath’s early years. That ingredient is the slow doomy and gloomy sound of many of their songs, but very rarely do I hear a band and an album that captures the true roots of heavy metal the way Electric Citizen do on their recently released Higher Time album.

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Monster Truck “Sittin’ Heavy”

Monster Truck Sittin' Heavy Review

Monster Truck‘s debut album Furiosity was the first album I ever gave a perfect score to. If you’d like to find out why, you can read the review of it here. Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for more from them. I wanted to know if they could keep up the momentum, or grow as musicians, or if they would try something completely new and surprise us. All of that was answered last week with the release of their second full length album Sittin’ Heavy.

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My Top Albums of 2015

2014 was no 2013 in respect to the albums that were released. I don’t know if there are many other years that had as many amazing albums released as 2013 did. 2015 showed a bit more promise, leaving me a little more excited about writing this post about my favourite albums of 2015. Like last year and the year before I’ll be talking a bit about each album and posting a song to accompany the album, for those who have never listened to each respective album. This year sees an increase in bands which were given to me for review who I had never previously heard of. Almost half of the list as well as some honourable mentions have that in common, which makes this year’s Top 10 different from last year and completely different from the year before that. Continue reading

Moondog Matinee “Carry Me, Rosie”

Moondog Matinee Carry Me Rosie Review

Moondog Matinee come from Reno, Nevada. When you come from The Biggest Little City In The World and are proud of it (not that there’s any reason you shouldn’t be) you better have a big sound. You’d better be loud, proud and you’d better be larger than life. That’s exactly what Moondog Matinee have with their album Carry Me, Rosie.

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