Read/Listen/Discover new independent and major label rock bands. This is a site for avid Rock fans of varied types. Hard Rock, Metal, Progressive Rock, Alternative, whatever. I may even throw in some Classic Rock every now and then. If you’re interested in having an EP/LP reviewed, please head to the Contact section for information on how to contact me.

I believe in giving honest reviews, not just saying nice things for the sake of making a band feel good. That doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

This blog used to be on Blogger, but I got tired of its restrictions. Here is the link to the blogger account, I’ve moved most of its content here, but a lot of my posts have links that will lead to the old site, which I don’t mind. This is also why on all posts before May 10th 2014 (or most posts, I may have missed some) have the date that the review was originally posted on my old site right on the top.

I give highlights to every EP/LP I review. These are not (always) my favourite songs from the albums but rather the songs I think represent the albums best. Usually it’s something in the song that I think will grab the listeners attention or maybe it’s the song that I think features elements from every song on the album. Either way I like my highlights to be the songs that I think will best drive others to listen to the album. I used to put long messages attached to those highlights (my first 214 reviews to be exact, plus reviews for other sites) but those messages have started to sound the same, so I’ll still add a few notes on the song, but I no longer put long paragraphs.

Please don’t just look at my number rating of an album/EP. I know I write a lot per review, but it all sums up my opinion of the album better than any number possibly could. If you as a reader disagree with a review then I respect your opinion. However, if you disagree with my number rating while obviously having not read the review itself, I have very little interest in your opinion. Just like any reviewer should, I respect opinions while standing by every word I write.

I also do reviews/articles for other sites. Head over to the Reviews Done on Affiliate Sites page to find links to them!


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