A Breach of Silence “Secrets”

A Breach of Silence Secrets Album Review

Secrets is the name of the upcoming third album by A Breach of Silence. I must be doing something right because for the third time I was asked to review it. Whether or not I am doing something right, you can bet the band is doing plenty. The transition between their first album Dead or Alive and their second album The Darkest Road saw the band transition from being a pure and simple metalcore band, cliché’s and all, to a band making songs with a bit more substance. That told me I could only expect great things from Secrets.

A Breach of Silence are still a proud metalcore band. Just about half of the songs on Secrets are your traditional metalcore songs, but it’s still easy to hear the evolution if you’ve heard their previous stuff. Even if you haven’t, the intensity of Fair Weather Friends, mixed with the great clean vocal harmonies heard towards the end, would make the track stand out to just about any listener. The same goes for A Better Place and its usage of pianos and its increased amount of clean vocals.

My favourite thing about Secrets is the increase in songs that have little to no screaming vocals at all. The Revelator and Broken are what I’d call the best of the group, with the former of the two being among the most intense songs on the album and proving A Breach of Silence doesn’t need screaming vocals to sound fierce. Broken is a slower track that has some good songwriting to it, with a clean sounding guitar riff playing twice towards the end of the song that just fluctuates perfectly into the songs sound.

I think it’s all thanks to vocalist Rhys Flannery‘s new vocal style that Secrets has made a serious turn in style from  A Breach of Silence‘s past albums. Before it was bassist Blair Layt who would provide the clean vocals to Rhys’s screams. I’ve said positive things about Blair’s vocals on past albums, and he does continue to lend his voice to every song in some form, but Rhys has upped his game with his vocals. No longer afraid to add melody but keep the intensity, the vocal duo contributes greatly to the what makes songs like Falling Away, Dethroned and the title track songs that represent a huge turning point for the band.

A weird moment is the song Shameless. Sure it’s cool that A Breach of Silence, who hail from Australia, chose to cover a song from an artist (The Weeknd) who comes from my home country. It’s also cool that they made one of his songs into a metal song. However – and without trying to sound bitter over my distaste for The Weeknd – the song just don’t sound right. The choruses do sound pretty good, but it doesn’t fit in with the rest of Secrets. I like to think of it as the band having some fun, which I’m fine with, but I don’t take this moment of the album seriously.

Another point of theA Breach of Silence Secrets Album Review album that I think A Breach of Silence was just having fun with is the closing track Sugar and Spice. While I must say that this track also doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of Secrets, I do enjoy it. It’s a traditional sounding hard rock song written in the spirit of sleazy arena rock anthems such as Def Leppard‘s Pour Some Sugar On Me (which also has the word “sugar” in the title…coincidence?) and Warrant‘s Cherry Pie. The song also serves as a good duet between Rhys Flannery and Blair Layt, making for a very fun, if slightly off ending to the album.

My only real complaint about Secrets is that the songs maybe could have been separated a little more. All of the screaming tracks end by the seventh track. Other than that, I believe this album is huge for A Breach of Silence. Metalcore music has been quite boring for some time now, and it needs something more to it than what bands have been doing with it for the past few years. A Breach of Silence tried something with Secrets that definitely works. My favourite thing that I can say about this album is that it’s perfect for existing fans and new fans who have never heard anything by the band before. Bigger things are sure to come if A Breach of Silence can keep this up.

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The Revelator



8 (Out of 10)


Track List:

1 Falling Away 3:11
2 Ride or Die 3:21
3 Undefeated 3:21
4 Secrets 3:12
5 Nightcrawler 3:45
6 Fair Weather Friends 3:07
7 Buzz Killington 3:16
8 The Revelator 3:37
9 A Better Place 3:46
10 Broken 3:28
11 Shameless 3:50
12 Dethroned 3:05
13 Sugar and Spice 3:15



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