Free From Gravity “Saints & Sinners”

Free From Gravity Saints & Sinners Album Review

“Kick assed chilled out rock” is a quote that Free From Gravity has in their Facebook page to help describe their sound. I’m glad it’s there, I would have otherwise had trouble trying to analyze the sound on their new EP Saints & Sinners without simply calling it a rock EP. I still don’t think the UK band should limit themselves to just that description though.

Opening track Crazy Lady doesn’t hit the highest of decibels, and sounds like a harder Oasis, before bursting out into a simple and catchy pop rock tune. The closing track Step Into The Sunlight is similarly has laid back but much more consistently upbeat. Both songs match the “kick assed chilled out rock” description on Free From Gravity‘s Facebook page, but the two songs in between make a different case for the Saints & Sinners EP.

My favourite of the tracks is Dance With Me. I guess you could call it chilled out, but it sure gets my blood pumping. Free From Gravity sound like a mix between a 90s and a 60s beach rock band, like Sugar Ray meets The Beach Boys. With the summer just having ended, this song has been one of my favourites to listen to the past few weeks. The title track to Saints & Sinners is anything but chilled out, with an 80s hard rock guitar riff and a relatively fast pace. Vocalist/guitarist Vince Barnes‘ lack of power in his vocals really sticks out here though. It was fine with all the other songs and their laid back sounds, but a song like this needs power firing at all cylinders which it doesn’t. The song instead sounds like a group of guys having fun and trying something a little different.

Saints & Sinners doesn’t turn my head, but it never loses my interest either. It sounds like Fall From Gravity are having fun, even at their most serious moments. The four songs are the kind of songs I don’t mind keeping around and listening when I need the pick me up that they’ve given me the past few weeks.

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Dance With Me


6.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:

1. Crazy Lady 4:47
2. Dance With Me 4:50
3. Saints & Sinners 3:48
4. Step Into The Sunlight 4:41



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