We Are The Catalyst “Elevation”

We Are The Catalyst Elevation Review

We Are The Catalyst is a Swedish alternative metal formed in 2012. Since their formation they’ve modestly released an EP and a full length album on Ferocity Records. We Are The Catalyst’s sound isn’t unlike other alternative metal bands, but what sets them aside is the way they compose and deliver their music, which they hope will be shown on their upcoming second album Elevation.

Actually, simply calling We Are The Catalyst an alternative metal band doesn’t really do them justice. Elevation manages to compile a few different sounds, ranging from metalcore to even some moments of gothic metal. It all seems to go back to a sound that can be classified as alternative metal though.

Opening track Delusion is an aggressive opener. The heaviest song on Elevation in fact. With its intense sound comes intense vocals from We Are The Catalyst‘s lead singer Cat Fey as well as some screaming vocals from guitarist Kenny Boufadene. There are just a few songs with his screaming on them. A Million Claws, which is perhaps the album’s best rounded songs mixing their heavy and fast sound with their dark overtone, only has a bit of screaming to it. Without Fear also shares a similar amount of screaming vocals while Alive has a lot of screaming to it, but also some good melodic vocal harmonies that both vocalists share with one another that makes the song more than stand out.

Most of the rest of Elevation‘s songs have what I’d best call a dramatic sound to them. Some are slow like Out Dark World, and many like One More Day and Askja don’t have as slow of a tempo but still have a bit of a theatrical element to their sound that makes We Are The Catalyst‘s sound stand out a bit over other metal bands. The leading single Open Door, while on the slower side, is a good example of how We Are The Catalyst capture this element.

Then there are the songs Never Ending Light and Home which aren’t dark and dramatic, and yet they don’t rely on screaming vocals to be credibly heavy and intense songs, which gives Elevation some more perspective. Also, the closing track Life Equals Pain, which is a ballad, shows another side of We Are The Catalyst‘s sound.

Cat Fey manages to prove she has a very powerful voice on every song, and in a time when there are so many new female fronted bands coming out, it’s a vocalist like Cat who stick out a little bit easier in the pack, thus helping We Are The Catalyst as a band and Elevation as an album stand out without overshadowing the hard work put in to the albums music.

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A Million Claws”­



7 (Out of 10)


Track List:

1 Delusion 3:50
2 A Million Claws 2:44
3 Our Dark World 3:34
4 Open Door 3:29
5 Without Fear 3:03
6 One More Day 3:28
7 Alive 3:24
8 Askja 4:02
9 Home 3:42
10 Never Ending Night 3:28
11 Life Equals Pain 3:52

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