Higuera “Always Have A Secret Plan”

I have found bands would change their names for two reasons: one because they just all around regret the name in the first place and they haven’t gone so far into their careers to the point where changing it could ruin everything (the way Dave Grohl wishes he named Foo Fighters something better) and the other reason being that the band just wants to start off on a completely new slate. For the case of California’s Higuera, I feel like both may have played a part in their reasoning. I mean I can’t verify either, but I don’t even know how to pronounce their former name THRDVSN, but also, listening to the one THRDVSN song I could find online, Higuera have up and changed their sound quite drastically on their new EP Always Have A Secret Plan.

This one THRDVSN song I could find was an indie style rock song, which is how I would describe Higuera‘s sound, but it was stupendously alternative to a modern extent of having a profound amount of keyboards creating a very 80s new wave sound with a little added modern twist. Higuera have lost this sound on Always Have A Secret Plan and have decided to stick with the basics, so to speak.

The four songs that make up Always Have A Secret Plan do vary in their own ways. For instance, opening track Adrenaline has a bit of a grungy start before it becomes kind of what I’d expect from an indie rock band, with the usual instruments (guitar, bass and drums of course) playing with not too much intensity, but certainly enough to give the song some meat. The hardest song would have to be Juggernaut, mostly thanks to the drum playing of Austin Herzig and Valley Taylor‘s energetic vocals. Most importantly the song is very well structured, keeping me entertained all the way through. Days Go By and Pieces maintain the indie rock sound with their own varying respective hooks. Days Go By goes from a speaker filling energetic intro which switches to a kind of soothing main tune, and Pieces has the most heart put into its music.

Always Have A Secret Plan is well produced and well mixed, and all of the songs are quite superbly written. All of the musicians prove to be elite in their craft. Valley‘s voice is a little unique, and a little strange, but it fits Higuera‘s style. Higuera has a sound that isn’t the easiest to describe. I used to get a few indie rock bands that had a somewhat similar sound, but lately indie bands that I’ve been reviewing or hearing have had a sound a little more similar to what THRDVSN sounded like in that one song I could find. So changing their sound (and name) proved to be a good move if I do say so myself.

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7.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:

1. Adrenaline 3:29
2. Days Go By 3:27
3. Juggernaut 3:34
4. Pieces 3:43

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