Tidalwave “1992”

Since Tidalwave released their self titled EP last year (you can read my review of it here) the band, which originated in the UK before locating to the USA, has now moved to Berlin, seeking new inspiration and rebirth to their music. The alternative band was surely looking for new ways to take their sound to the next level, as any band should, and they felt moving halfway across the world was the way to do it. Now, with less than a month until the release of their next EP 1992, I get to assess just how this relocation has given Tidalwave new life.

The main thing I noticed is Tidalwave‘s transition from a metal sound to a slightly less drastic hard rock sound. The influences from the likes of Chevelle and Deftones are still there, but there is much more concentration put into keeping the songs catchy and hooky. Ride has a nice thick and loud guitar sound, all while the vocals maintain one good melody after another. Saturate speeds things up and it reminds me of the stuff from their self titled EP, but there is definitely something more evolved and mature about this track compared to that EP. Its metal breakdown is unlike anything I expected from the band as well.

The title track 1992 should definitely be Tidalwave‘s proudest moment thus far in their recording career, as from every standpoint it is their most proficient sounding song. Both the songwriting and the bands performance on the track display what a huge step forward the band has taken.

1992 isn’t a long EP. Just three songs long (one less than their previous) and altogether the EP doesn’t even make it to the nine minute mark. That means I have about 110 individual songs on my iTunes library that run longer than this entire EP. Just a little fun fact I felt like sharing. I do wish it were longer, this is one of those rare EPs that I think could have made a terrific full album given the momentum that Tidalwave had going when making these three tracks. This EP is in fact a big step forward for the band. I say that sometimes to be polite. Usually I mean it but not as drastically as I be making it appear, but in this case Tidalwave has gone from being frankly just another alternative rock band to a band that I hear a good deal of significance in.

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8.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:

  1. Ride  2:50
2. Saturate  2:40
3. 1992  3:22



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