Warme “Council House Opera”

Warme Council House Opera Review

Warme was given to me in a very unique way. The band recently released a song called New Man – a stripped down sombre dark melancholy sounding track – not long at all before the release of their upcoming album Council House Opera, but the song is not on the actual album, though it is a bonus track on some versions. I found this odd for an up and coming band. Regardless, the song intrigued me to take on the album, even if it’s not on the album (a fact I didn’t actually know when accepting the album for review).

Council House Opera does have some of the best songs I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing by an up and coming band. The upbeat indie sounding title track is enough to get someone into the album. The vocals are rather distinctive (on every song, not just this one) which is already more than I can say about most new bands as of late. Warme also show some great musicianship in the alternative rock track Doin’ Fine and the 90s sounding Gimme The Love. The funky Give It Away also has tremendous bursting choruses glued together with reggae influenced verses. By this point in the album, the differences in styles between songs are no longer a surprise. One more truly great song is the slower root/country sounding track Take Me Away which, like all previous songs, infuses Warme’s indie rock sound with another music style that isn’t really visited on any other song on the album.

These five songs alone make Council House Opera a great album. The problem is that these don’t even make up half of the album. If you take away the less than two minute interlude track The Devil’s Dandruff then they do make up for half of the album. The other half of the songs are all good, some really good, but don’t amount to the magnitude of the other songs. The best thing about them is that they continue to sound different from one another. The seven minute Egyptian infused Dadgag does standout as a wonderfully written song, and is perhaps the best of the rest of the bunch. The other songs Monday Comedown, Unfamiliar, Walk On and Wheel of Emotion are all good in their own right. However, if the album were made up of songs similar to these, I’d be talking about how Warme‘s songs are all satisfyingly different from one another, but fail to stick in your head after the last note of the last song is hit.

Thankfully the album is still a great one. Warme have some excellent intelligence towards instrumentation and arrangement that can take them far. Council House Opera‘s best songs make this album completely worth a listen, while the other tracks, despite the negativity I put toward them (which may have come out worse than I actually meant it) still show how Warme is made up of great songwriters. All in all, Council House Opera is an album I know I’ll probably always remember, and I look forward to what Warme has next in store.

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Doin’ Fine” –­ For me, this was the song that made me realize Council House Opera was a special album. Sure the title track raised my interest (mind you the order of the songs that I was given differs from the order the songs fall in on iTunes), and Dadgag, though rather long, kept me entertained, Doin’ Fine was the song that I eventually found would best define the whole album, as it features Warme‘s alternative indie sound down to its root with no real experimentation into other influences, such as the 90s alternative sounding stuff, or the disco bass beats of others, etc etc etc.



7.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:

1 Monday Comedown 4:28
2 Give It Away 4:31
3 Council House Opera 3:48
4 Unfamiliar 4:09
5 Walk On 3:11
6 The Devils Dandruff 1:48
7 Gimme the Love 4:42
8 Wheel of Emotion 4:12
9 Take Me Away 4:45
10 Doin’ Fine 3:34
11 Dadgad 7:01

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