Thunderchief “Thunderchief”

Thunderchief Review

Thunderchief is a power trio from Los Angeles. They have a self titled four track EP out and just like any EP should do, it does a great job at showing different sides of the band. Each song has a pretty different sound and style from each other which gives listeners reason to keep listening.

First up on Thunderchief is Skinwalker. Starting with an upbeat jumpy bass, it sets the pace for an up tempo song reminiscent of Wolfmother meets The White Stripes. Second track Sudden Death in the Flesh is a little louder, with David Lee‘s drumming taking centre stage. I like the track Bad Man because it takes similar formula to its previous two tracks, but the middle of the song is taken up by a pretty awesome jam, with all three members contributing fairly equally. I think my favourite track is the last one, Soldier Song. I like the bluesy acoustic slide guitar riff that it starts off with, almost as much as I love when it all turns electric. I love it’s slow groove and the all around vibe it gives. Dylan Jarman adds some soul to his voice that reminds me of a Slide It In era Whitesnake only with a less distinctive voice (sorry Dylan). The song’s almost six minute time frame doesn’t feel like six minutes either, which is an added bonus.

I think it’s safe to categorize Thunderchief as a blues rock band. They have a garage rock sound that reminds me of famous rock duos like The White Stripes (with better vocals) or The Pack A.D. but with a fuller sound, thanks to actually having a bass player to fill out the empty spots. This self titled EP goes by quick (just barely over fifteen minutes in length) but it leaves an impression.

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Skinwalker” –­ I think either of the first two tracks best represent Thunderchief, but I think it’s Brett Sanders‘ bass riff that helps propel this one over the others into something I can see many potential listeners digging.



8.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:

1 Skinwalker 3:04
2. Sudden Death in the Flesh 03:16
3. Bad Man 03:41
4. Soldier Song 05:53




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