Archi Deep & the Monkeyshakers “#3”

Archi Deep & the Monkey Shakers #3 Review

Archi Deep & the Monkeyshakers are a little different from the norm, as evident on their new EP #3. Now, I haven’t heard #2 or #1 but it this new release is any indication, I’d say Archi Deep & The Monkey Shakers aren’t afraid of being different. I’ve reviewed a lot of releases that I’ve called different though, but unlike most of those, Archi Deep isn’t progressively complex, they don’t add strange instruments and sound effects, it’s something different.

I think it’s a charisma that you just don’t hear these days, and a changing attitude with all six songs, making #3 a pretty diverse release. Sure Archi Deep & the Monkeyshakers start it all off with a relatively normal sounding rock song in Nowhere Man, but while this song has a basic slow burning backbone, but that charisma I spoke of, it’s all over the vocals at so many parts. The music component gets similarly unique at points, like on the EPs longest track I’m On The Run, which musically sounds like a better thought out Foo Fighters track (well, better thought out than the Foos most recent album) which along with similar vocal charm of the opening track keeps my attention throughout it’s almost six minute length. The short jam section in the middle also helps.

The most alluring track on the album is the acoustic track High Minds. This puts the entire #3 in a nutshell in regards to the magnetism they show at times. With the exception on some light shakers heard in the background, there is nothing but an acoustic guitar providing the music here, but it’s not a slow song, nor is it a ballad. I don’t know what to call it because it’s that out of the ordinary. Archi Deep & the Monkeyshakers manage to do something with just an acoustic guitar and lead/backing vocals that I don’t believe I’ve ever heard done to such an entertaining extent. The most impressive part is the way the chorus takes the chorus from The BeatlesEleanor Rigby and turns it into something completely different. The boldness of doing something like that and the fortitude of the vocals, which at times are so wild that I’m reminded of Mick Jagger make this such a weird and awesome high energy tune.

Archi Deep & the Monkey Shakers keep up that stamina with I Can See, which is maybe just a little less wild, but with a full band playing the music this time around. Real takes things down with a slow rhythm, with some serious sounding dynamic moments that put it on par with everything heard thus far on #3. If Only It Was Sunny ends the EP in good fashion. It takes unexpected turns, going from a standard springy rock song, down to a slow down tempo, and then into an intense onslaught of noise all in two minutes. It’s accompanied by a forty second untitled track, thus giving listeners one last thing to wrap their head around.

The more I listen to #3 the more I like it. Archi Deep & the Monkeyshakers find a way to be unique, and in a day where it’s hard to be unique and still good, they pull it off. More importantly, in a day when most bands seem to be taking similar routes in being unique, Archi Deep & the Monkeyshakers are paving a road of their own that should hopefully lead to somewhere big, if #3 is any real indication of that.

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I Can See” –­ To show the high energy and industrious efforts of Archi Deep & the Monkeyshakers‘ sound on #3 I want to pick one of the most intense songs. I praise High Minds but since it’s all acoustic I don’t think it would make a good example for first time listeners, which is why the electric equivalent to it, I Can See, is the next natural choice. There is no song sample to provide, but you can hear it as well as the whole EP on their Bandcamp link here.


(Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Nowhere Man 3:17
2. I’m On The Run 5:42
3. High Minds 3:12
4. I Can See 4:58
5. Real 3:57
6. If Only It Was Sunny 3:02



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