Daylight “One More Fight”

Daylight One More Fight

Daylight‘s home town of Barcelona is not a spot in the world I’d figure is a big breeding ground for big rock musicians. At least not musicians with popularity that has traveled to North America. If Daylight’s album One More Fight is an indication of what comes out of the Spanish city, then I hope I come across more stuff in the future. But of course the alternative could be that Daylight is just ahead of the Barcelona herd. Either way, One More Fight is not what I expected.

Mostly because this review comes a week after I reviewed another punk band given to me from the same promoter. It didn’t take a few seconds to realize Daylight‘s pop-punk sound is far different from the skate punk sound of my The Decline review one week ago. Mostly reminiscent of the most popular rock of the late 90s/early 2000s as evident in tracks like Consequences , Kickbacks and End of the World which all have the spirit of Sum 41 and Blink-182 with their fast beats and fun hooks. Crazy Youth Gone Wild adds a little texture by having a slower pop punk sound putting them into the ranks of the Lit‘s or any other pop punk band you can name from the height of the teen movie soundtrack era.

But pop punk isn’t the only sound that Daylight explores on One More Fight. This is key to why I think One More Fight is a very strong album. Daylight also have a few good rock songs to offer, including the opening track Anthem of the Broken, which is true to its title at being an exceptional rock anthem. As much energy as the track has, I find the other two rock tracks We Are Strong and Revolution to be stronger. Revolution is unique for being somewhat of a hybrid track, with the fast high speed energy of a pop punk song but with the serious demeanor of a rock track. To put it simpler, it’s too punk to be a fast paced rock song, but it’s too serious to be a pop punk song.

My favourite tracks on One More Fight are the ones where Daylight take a page out of the books of pop alternative bands like Third Eye Blind. Except for the track Best Days of Our Lives. That song sounds like the kind of 90s song that I forgot about and never wanted to remember again. Another Day and Now or Never are the opposite. Both songs have some of the best melodies and though they aren’t the most original sounding tracks on One More Fight, they do as fine a job as any other song at giving an appealing youthful sound to the album while giving fans of late 90s/early 2000s pop rock a rejuvenated feeling.

For the second time this year I’ve been given an album to review that wasn’t actually released this year that I wish was, because when I make my list of top 10 albums at the end of the year, I’m sure Daylight‘s One More Fight would have been in strong consideration to have made the list. One More Fight is a collection of songs that explore a few different styles that all correlate with each other so well that, even though these songs aren’t of the most original styles, Daylight really finds how to make these styles their own.

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Consequences” –­ I knew this was the highlight after first listen. It’s one of the more pop punk songs on One More Fight, it has the spirit that Daylight shows throughout the album, with its less than modern sound that pays homage to pop punk from about fifteen years ago, while showing some of the strongest examples of the bands ability to make a catchy melodic song.


9 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Anthem of the Broken 3:46
2 Kickbacks 3:25
3 Consequences 3:37
4 Now or Never 3:34
5 We Are Strong 3:21
6 Another Day 3:15
7 Best Days of Our Lifes 2:59
8 Revolution 3:06
9 End of the World 3:20
10 Crazy Youth Gone Wild 3:25


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