Downers “Noose”

downers noose review

My second review of the day is of a nice little three song EP called Noose by a UK band Downers. Fun fact: even though I posted this after my Deepshade review posted earlier today (read it here), I actually wrote it first. Yup, right now it’s actually Thanksgiving Monday and I’m thankful for the time I have to kill right now that I will dedicate to this grungy rock band who may not have the most original sound, but they still use it to their advantage.

Noose caught me right away with its opening track Graze and it’s poppy hooks mostly thanks to its main riff. Downers show right away here that they may be playing a familiar style of music, but they can tweak it in their favour in to something that hasn’t been done. Following tracks Erased and Grown Out compliment it well. The former being melancholy and loud, and even surprisingly ardent in their musicality. Grown Out is where things are sped up just a little bit, just enough to hear the punk influence musically while keeping a laid back kind of ominous vocals.

It’s always hard to base a band based on an EP, especially one so short. Even so, Downers have put out a very diverse three song EP in Noose. It’s still hard to perfectly critique the band, but  Downers put on the best showing compared to other three song EPs I’ve reviewed in the past. Most importantly is the assortment of tracks, but I also feel there’s something for many rock fans here, particularly those who like a good new age grunge sound.

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Graze” –­ It catches me every time. I feel all tracks on Noose could serve as a highlight as they cater well to different audiences, but this track is my highlight.


7.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Graze 5:04
2. Erased 3:35
3. Grown Out 3:30



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