Idlewar “Dig In”

Idlewar Dig In Review

Idlewar is a power trio from Orange County. I don’t often use the term power trio lately because there hasn’t been a band that earns that “power” title for a little while the way Rush and ZZ Top have shown their worth. After listening to Idlewar’s EP Dig In, I feel comfortable declaring Idlewar a “power” trio, especially because I didn’t realize they were a trio until after I had already listened to the EP.

Now I’m not putting Idlewar in league with Rush or Cream, mostly because there is little to no similarity in style. With short, simple and to the point rockers like Chunk of Me and Out of My Head starting off the EP, it’s obvious Idlewar have different plans for Dig In. These songs are very in your face and in your ear pounders with one (Chunk of Me) being a crowd pleasing track with anthem charged hooks and the other (Out of My Head) being a slow grooving track which shows a comfortable Idlewar sounding in their element.

Dig In is made up of good jams. Idlewar sound like they’re having fun with these songs, plus Eleventeen and Stronger and each song sounds like they were born out of jams due to their relatively loose nature and spontaneity. The most structured song seems to be the longest track Feel The Pain. This slow track has the soul of a dirty rock track and the heart of a blues song and provides a good change for an EP with songs that don’t differ greatly from each other.

Idlewar have some good energy and make Dig In a fun EP to listen to. They have the an old soul spirit to them while making music that sounds somewhat modern. Dig In is good to listen to, even if it doesn’t change lives in the process. Their loose sound isn’t quite customary for rock bands of today. If they hope to make it further, I’d recommend they tighten up a bit and concentrate just a bit more on the vocals, which I’m sure will raise their fanbase.

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Chunk of Me” –­ This is the song that will stick in your head the easiest and it will also get your head moving and it sounds at times like this isn’t an independent band playing this song.


6.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Chunk of Me 2:31
2. Out of My Head 2:32
3. Eleventeen 3:17
4. Feel the Pain 4:55
5. Stronger 3:41



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