Five Finger Death Punch “Got Your Six”

Five Finger Death Punch Got Your Six

Five Finger Death Punch‘s way of maintaining their spot as one of the top acts in modern metal is by releasing album after album. There was, of course, the two releases in 2013, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side Of Hell Volumes 1 and 2. You can read my reviews for both, part 1 here and part 2 here, and you can see which one I reviewed favourably and which one I didn’t. Now, barely over two years since the release of part 1, Five Finger Death Punch have released yet another collection of new tracks called Got Your Six (I’ll give you a guess how many albums the band has now) but do the metal giants show that they are capable of writing worthwhile songs in such a short amount of time?

The first track Five Finger Death Punch released from Got Your Six a few months before the album’s release was Jekyll and Hyde and I was far from impressed. I found it to be just another display of music that was heavy for the sake of being heavy, with no help from Ivan Moody‘s generic lyrics about hating people and wanting to harm them, very typical of the band. This song didn’t have me excited for the album, but I got it anyway, and when I turned it on, the opening track, which is also the title track Got Your Six, was even more generic. Not to say I didn’t like the track at first listen, because I did, just it’s nothing new by any stretch.

Thankfully after these two opening tracks, Got Your Six starts to really get somewhere. As soon as I got about five seconds into the chorus of Wash It All Away I officially gave Got Your Six a clean slate, and rightfully so. Five Finger Death Punch show me that they have actually improved melodically and musically. This continues with the tracks This Ain’t My Last Dance and My Nemesis. The lyrics are still lame, but thankfully the music and melody do enough talking to make the songs special.

Even No Sudden Movement, the one insensibly heavy track in the middle of these melodic tracks, sounds pretty solid as a modern groove metal track. It shows Five Finger Death Punch‘s roots. It took a few listens for me to feel this song belongs on Got Your Six, but now that I’ve accepted it, I find it to be one of the better heavy tracks in the bands entire catalogue, despite the lyrics “click, clack, reload” repeated in its chorus.

No Sudden Movements is placed smack dab in the middle of Got Your Six (unless you got the bonus track edition of the album) so there are still some good metal tunes with great melodies that follow. Question Everything, Hell To Pay, Meet My Maker and the albums ballad Digging My Own Grave continue to impress me and show me that Five Finger Death Punch are going in the right direction. Of course the album has to end the way it began, with a less than intelligent track called Boots and Blood, but I choose to forget this track exists.

I was rather pessimistic before getting this album. I think it’s because I find Ivan Moody to be the biggest tool of the industry, and the band could probably do better without him. His lyrics are so bad that I’m actually mentioning them. I don’t commonly talk about lyrics in my reviews. I tend to forget that he has some pretty awesome musicians behind him. (My fellow Ontarian) Jason Hook  has some of his best guitar solos on Got Your Six. I’ve never denied his talent before this, but I’ve never been convinced that he’s one of the current leaders among heavy metal guitarists. However, for what I personally feel to be the first time in the five albums he’s recorded with Five Finger Death Punch, his guitar solos truly stand out this time around and help make each song that much more special.

I don’t know if Got Your Six is Five Finger Death Punch‘s best album, but I’d rank it does compete to be so. I wouldn’t be surprised if after a few more listens I would definitely say this is their best. It may be because my expectations were low, but Got Your Six has been a pleasant surprise and a great inclusion to the metal albums released in 2015, and Five Finger Death Punch deserve to stay among heavy metal’s elite.

Thanks for reading!


Wash It All Away” –­ Among the tracks that impress me melodically, Wash It All Away is one of the heaviest, and sure its heavy moments aren’t the most impressive, but it shows Five Finger Death Punch in their natural habitat while spicing it up and showing their growth.


8 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. “Got Your Six” 2:58
2. “Jekyll and Hyde” 3:26
3. “Wash It All Away” 3:45
4. “Ain’t My Last Dance” 3:29
5. “My Nemesis” 3:35
6. “No Sudden Movement” 3:21
7. “Question Everything” 5:05
8. “Hell to Pay” 3:07
9. “Digging My Own Grave” 3:47
10. “Meet My Maker” 3:00
11. “Boots and Blood” 2:45



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