Coffeepot Drive “Edge of Town”

Coffeepot Drive Edge of Town Review

Of all the blues rock bands I’ve reviewed throughout the years, not many have had as much soul as Coffeepot Drive. I heard it in their single Hey Suzy! upon being given their recently released Edge Of Town album for review, and I continue to hear it throughout most of the rest of the album. Their Facebook page describes their sound as “dirty soul” and I absolutely love that description. In all honesty I thought of that term before looking on their Facebook page to see that they already describe themselves that way. But how does the rest of Edge of Town compare to the leading single?

Well even though I liked Hey Suzy! at first listen, I wasn’t convinced that there was anything special and new about Coffeepot Drive. That happened when I heard the great melodies and harmonies of opening track Fallback. It was upon hearing this track that I thought Edge of Town would be one of those albums I review and would not forget about afterwards. Because I’ll admit there are many EPs/LPs I’ve reviewed and since haven’t listened to very much if at all.

Edge of Town proves to have even more to offer. Deep Freeze is a blues song with a big Coffeepot Drive twist that I don’t believe any other band could pull off, mostly thanks to Boanecker‘s guitar licks, which is also what makes so many other tracks such as Change, but none of these songs would be complete without Lady Oracle‘s voice, which can be sweet and soft, but can also be a tower of power, and often in the same song. The Forest is another of the many examples of Lady Oracle’s finest moments, but the finest would simply have to be I Love You. I love when the longest song on an album is one of the best; when I can tell hours of time were put in to making the song sound as good as it possibly can. This track is soulful, heartfelt and powerful in its own right, with even a touch of country influence that no doubt makes it my favourite track.

Despite defying many of the norms, I still get surprised when Coffeepot Drive pull out songs like the folky Bayou and the funky Don’t Know Love. The soul/R&B Coffeepot Prayer is a good addition to the album. It’s simply feet stomping and hand clapping with Lady Oracle and the band singing over it, adding to the dirty soul attitude of Edge of Town, and the smooth acoustic track Killer does a fantastic job at closing the album off. The main track that throws the norms out the window is Glass in my Mellow. I can’t figure out how to describe this song. It’s unique rhythm mixed with its smooth chorus make it the most original track I think I’ve heard all year. Listen to the teaser for it below this paragraph.

Coffeepot Drive are one of those pleasant surprises that don’t come along too often for me. Usually when it comes to a band not many (or in this case not enough) people have heard of, I usually hear why such is the case, but Edge of Town has so much more to offer than most other up and comers out there, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Coffeepot Drive’s name rise outside of their native England very soon.

You can follow Coffeepot Drive on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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Fallback” –­ I come back to this song because it’s the song that convinced me to keep listening. Of course I had to because I had to review Edge of Town, but had that not been the case and I had come across this song, I’d have been convinced to listen to more.


8.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Coffeepot Prayer (Intro) 0:39
2 Fallback 4:26
3 Deep Freeze 3:43
4 The Forest 4:39
5 Bayou 4:30
6 Hey Suzy! 4:12
7 Change 5:13
8 I Love You 6:05
9 Glass in My Mellow 4:29
10 Don’t Know Love 2:39
11 Coffeepot Prayer 1:43
12 Killer 3:51



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