Monster Jaw “Basement Sessions”

Monster Jaw Basement Sessions Review

Monster Jaw is a UK based alternative rock band. Their facebook page describes them as “Garage Grunge” and quite frankly I like that description. Their recently released EP Basement Sessions is a short one but it provides all I need to know. The “garage grunge” sound that they seem to adopt is ever present on all three tracks – four tracks if you count the thirty-eight second Intro.

Monster Jaw‘s songs on Basement Sessions are sludgy and unsubtle and they really do sound like they were recorded in a basement, which could be considered either good or bad depending on who you ask. Love has the simplicity of a punk song with the intensity of a Nirvana track while Never Change‘s catchy guitar riff stands out, but what I like most about it is its vocal melodies. Feel It is a little sloppy. The effort and integrity is there, but when the song gets to its most intense, it falls a little short, at least when comparing it to the two songs that it falls in between.

Basement Sessions is a fun EP to listen to. I like Mik Davis‘s vocals on the songs, the way he uses a predominately soft voice and the way he can come up with some at times fantastic vocal melodies, but he needs to work on his intensity. At times the vocal intensity doesn’t match that of the intensity of the music. Regardless, Basement Sessions is good for grunge fans who think modern bands can’t capture that sound of the classic days when early 90s Seattle bands reigned supreme. Monster Jaw have a little ways to go before they sound like something other than kids recording tapes in a garage, but hey that always comes with time and I’m more than patient enough when it comes to that. It’s like a live performance is happening right in your house, which is a pretty awesome way to look at the EP.

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Never Change” –­ This song best shows the melodies Monster Jaw can come up with, both musically and vocally, and is what I consider the catchiest of tunes from Basement Sessions.


7 (Out of 10)

Track List:



Feel It

Never Change


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