Dark Hound “Oceans”

Dark Hound Oceans review

It’s been a while since I was given a metal band to review for this site. Usually the metal bands I review are for Metal Nation Radio unless it’s a major release that I take the personal obligation to review. Back in late May (when I reviewed Deadly Circus Fire) would have been the last time I was given a metal band of any kind to review. Probably because I’m very picky with the metal I review. Regardless this all just makes me more happy to be reviewing Dark Hound‘s Oceans EP.

Blending in just enough metal influences, Dark Hound‘s sound can only be described as heavy metal. That’s right, there are no gimmicks. It’s not “alternative metal” or “melodic death metal” or “Viking grind-core,” it’s straight up heavy metal with as little bullshit as possible. Take the Metallica style melodic intro to opening track Thread. That intro starts things off great, not just for the heavy charging track that is Thread, but for the entire Oceans EP.

Many of the songs go for over five minutes. Dark Hound seems to like sticking to the slow side. Just As Blind is perhaps the slowest song on the album, with a bit of doom metal influence but not enough to call it a doom metal song. To Know End and Oceans are the other two songs that run over five minutes. The former of the two has a steady tempo melodic track while the title track builds up the EPs intensity a bit with a faster pace. One thing that annoys me a bit is when singer ET Brown yells. It’s always at around the same note and it doesn’t sound appealing. It kind of works in the song Rearview Mirror but otherwise I don’t like it.

I’m no longer surprised by the array of different types of music that comes out of Nashville. I used to cynically think it was just country music. Sure, that’s what it’s known for and that’s what the most successful of acts from that area play, but “surprises” like metal bands such as Dark Hound no longer seem impossible to me. They use influences from the town they come from to help them in their song writing, sure, but Oceans isn’t reliant on what town it’s from or what style of music best defines it. It’s reliant on listeners who like good metal music. It’s not a life changing metal EP, but Dark Hound aren’t trying to be a genre changing band. They’re just doing their best making the kind of music they want.

Visit the band on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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Rearview Mirror” –­ A steady pace and it has the best guitar solo on Oceans.

There’s no embed for this song unfortunately, so feel free to listen to it on this BandCamp link.


6.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Thread 3:39
2 To Know End 5:38
3 Just as Blind 5:37
4 Rearview Mirror 3:59
5 Oceans 5:36



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