Mardi Belle “Beautiful Tuesday”

Mardi Belle Beautiful Tuesday review

Mardi Belle is a band of alternative rock kids out of Indianapolis. What I love about alternative rock bands is that the sub-genre is so broad that, while it is very possible for two bands to sound alike, I never know exactly what kind of alternative rock LP/EP I’m going to get, which is why I welcomed the thought of reviewing Mardi Belle’s EP Beautiful Tuesday (which is basically what “Mardi belle” means in English) for you on this Wednesday.

Mardi Belle‘s style is nothing unheard of, but rarely do we expect anything to be that way nowadays. Beautiful Tuesday is made mostly of songs that are a little more laid back that usual, but with a little bit of a kick. With a mostly clean sounding guitar, Mic Shelton lays down some good riffs that are at times kind of artsy, reminding me of Peter Buck of R.E.M. Some of these songs are a little more unique than some may notice right away, like Heart in a Bag and in the way Killzone‘s soft sound is accompanied by a rather intense rhythm section. The song that starts it all off, Go, has a very jangly indie rock sound to it which sounds nothing like anything else that comes after it.

I’m not crazy about Wolves though. Tylyr Burdine shows great ranges throughout Beautiful Tuesday, particularly on Heart in a Bag, but his vocal melodies on Wolves are not Mardi Belle‘s finest. It’s the unique guitar playing of Mic that makes the song still worthwhile, especially for a guitar player like myself.

The punch in Mardi Belle‘s sound is heard in Beautiful Tuesday‘s last track Cannonball. it is by far the heaviest song on the album, thanks to Tylyr blasting his vocal chords, while maintaining some uniqueness such as how Mic’s guitar tone is still rather clean sounding, and how the rhythm section of drummer Chase Byrum and bassist Anthony Lugenbeal play relatively well together.

Mardi Belle are pretty good music writers. At times I feel the band needs to tighten up a bit better, but they have a sound that is unique enough to people who really listen to it, especially thanks to the guitar playing. While I enjoy the music, I feel Beautiful Tuesday lacks hooks, which I think should be the next step for Mardi Belle: get the crowd singing along. They have the right style of music to do so.

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Heart in a Bag” –­ Go is the catchiest song on Beautiful Tuesday but Heart in a Bag represents the bands artsy side best while having some catchy moments.


7 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Go 2:32
2. Wolves 4:03
3. Heart in a Bag 3:07
4. Killzone 3:58
5. Cannonball 4:02



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