Malkasian “Malkasian”

Malkasian album review

I recently had a discussion with a former Juno Award winning guitarist about starting bands. I wasn’t trying to start a band with him, but rather the discussion was in general about starting bands. His advice was that it’s such a pain in the ass, you may as well write and record your own stuff because it’s so hard to have the right guys come along. That must have been the mindset for Sean Malkasian who singlehandedly recorded his entire Malkasian in a bedroom.

Not surprisingly, to me anyway, is the folky feeling of Malkasian. It doesn’t have a Neil Young influence to it or anything, but it is laid back and oh so acoustic, which is the easiest way to make an album on your own. Most of Malkasian is really just Sean Malkasian singing with his acoustic guitar, but there are songs with some meat to them. First and foremost would be opening track From The Start…Waste which features a full band’s worth of instruments but still has a stripped down sound. This is the only real rocking song on the album. The other song on Malkasian with a full band of instruments, Ghost, is very folky but it’s hardly rocking. This is a song I’d best compare to the classic folk rock of the late 60s/70s but with an obvious modern edge.

Ease, I For An I and Taste So Right feature a prominent electric guitar with their acoustic sound, but this is merely a means to differentiate the acoustic songs from sounding too similar. Sean Malkasian really did rely on his acoustic guitar on Malkasian. Many of the songs have something else special about them, like Fooled You‘s catchy guitar riff and the sounds of percussions make it perhaps the best of the acoustic songs, though I’m indifferent about the live version that ends Malkasian. Fade Away features what sounds like an out of tune ukulele while Paradise Never really just has a bit of a percussion sound in the background but is really just an acoustic song. I mentioned being indifferent about the live version of Fooled You, but there’s also an exclusive live version of a song called End of Time which features the poetic heart that most other songs on Malkasian have.

Sean Malkasian‘s music is the kind of music where the lyrics do the talking. The music on Malkasian surprisingly doesn’t sound the same and remains consistent enough, but the thought process put in to the music doesn’t sound to have taken as long as the lyric process did. I am however very interested to see how Sean grows as a musician. In the end it’s a nice personal signature by Sean Malkasian, but it’s very obvious that it was all recorded in a bedroom.

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Thanks for reading!


Ghost” –­ The best sounding song and the best written.


6 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. From the Start…Waste 03:22
2. Fooled You 04:44
3. Fade Away 03:24
4. Taste So Right 05:56
5. Ghost 03:34
6. Ease 03:46
7. I for an I 03:10
8. Paradise Never 03:28
9. End of Time (Live) 04:34
10. Fooled You (Live) 04:21



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