Lady Flint “Hard Time”

Lady Flint Hard Time Review

When I reviewed Lady Flint‘s self-titled EP (a review that you can read here) I was introduced to a music duo, uniquely a blues rock duo, who knew the sound that they wanted and put good effort towards achieving that sound but just falling a little short to the point where the songs were enjoyable enough but they could have been better. Now the band has their first full album, Hard Time. While short in length (ten songs, but just under a half hour in length) it shows Lady Flint has indeed taken steps further towards improving their sound.

Still with a blues foundation to their sound, Lady Flint take advantage of the amount of room ten songs can give them to make songs, making Hard Time‘s songs range from fast to slow. And when they play fast, they play surprisingly fast. I don’t know what song is faster between Crocodile and Ocean, but these two songs alone show improvement from the first EP. Then there are the riff heavy hard rockers like opening track Confidence Trick, (where they remind listeners via the sound of radio DJs that they are a French band and that’s not to be forgotten) as well as Bring Your Love Back There and Blazing Fire. Then there’s the groovy Fury and the melodic closing track The Suitcase Or The Gun, particularly the latter I hear a great amount of improvement on Lady Flint’s sound, particularly in Tony More‘s singing voice, which I thought could have been much better on the EP.

Most importantly for Hard Time are the really bluesy songs. I enjoyed the bluesy moments on Lady Flint‘s EP just fine, didn’t think they were groundbreaking at all but I loved the effort. They’ve one-upped themselves with two tracks on, No Girl & No Gold and Call It Suicide. The former of the two is a hard rocking song similar to that of others on Hard Time. What makes it stand out is its blues licks, but despite the impressive blues heart of No Girl & No Gold, it’s still no Call It Suicide. The slowest song on Hard Time, Call It Suicide mixes bluesy moments with a basic slow song structure that blends in so well together that it is the track that I find stands out the most on the album.

I’m still not crazy about rock duos. I’ll mention that with every rock duos album I review. Nothing against them I just feel you need that third member to appropriately fill out your sound for live shows, and I’ve seen some live rock duos whose music wasn’t bad, but their performance was just so gutted by the lack of sound. But I haven’t seen Lady Flint live so this isn’t an assessment of their live performance. This is an assessment of their performance on record which has improved greatly. I had complete confidence that it would too based on their EP. Hard Time shows that Lady Flint know how to evolve and hopefully the next step is even more recognition worldwide.

You can follow Lady Flint on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

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Blazing Fire” – The perfect pace and the perfect guitar riffs to show the maturity in their sound.


7.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Confidence Trick 02:23
2. Ocean 02:04
3. Fury 02:35
4. No Girl & No Gold 02:57
5. Bring Your Love Back There 03:51
6. Crocodile 02:48
7. Blazing Fire 03:11
8. Call It Suicide 03:39
9. Song For A Witch 02:32
10. The Suitcase Or The Gun 03:31



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