Lux Lisbon “Get Some Scars”

Lux Lisbon Get Some Scars Review

Most typically my reviews of independent bands are because of requests sent from either PR companies or the bands themselves who request I give their music a feature. In this rare instance Lux Lisbon‘s Get Some Scars was given to me by neither, nor was it something I stumbled upon and decided to give a feature to. This time around it was a close friend whose opinion in music I trust almost as much as my own who told me I should check these guys out and give them a review. So thank you Tucci, out of respect to my closest musically inclined friend, Lux Lisbon’s Get Some Scars will be getting reviewed by yours truly.

Lux Lisbon call Get Some Scars an EP, but I personally disagree. At one point an EP, Lux Lisbon have re-released Get Some Scars with more songs. Now with ten songs (nine original recordings and one acoustic versions of one of the tracks) that run at a total of around forty minutes, is Get Some Scars really still an EP? EPs are essentially albums too short to be albums, be it four tracks, five tracks, maybe even seven tracks that generally don’t surpass 25 minutes in length. I think Get Some Scars has now hit LP standards.

The intro to Get Some Scars‘ title track has a very Eagles-esque multi-vocal harmony to it, which immediately made me see why my friend thought I’d like Lux Lisbon. If there is one thing I love and think takes a whole heap of talent, it’s the ability to harmonize with multiple vocalists. This ability to harmonize is shown throughout the “EP” but never more present than on this title track.

Despite the mention of the Eagles, Lux Lisbon‘s sound is quite opposite. Get Some Scars is filled with song of a more Indie nature, with some subtle New Wave influences disguised as indie influences. The title track is a slow but far from laid back track similar to other songs like Keep Me Wild, while there are songs that are hard to categorize, such as Demons You Show which has a fast intense drum beat while the rest of the music is similar to the slow sound of Get Some Scars and Keep Me Wild.

Lux Lisbon‘s previously mentioned New Wave influences are less subtle on Bullingdon Club, We Don’t Believe In Love No More and Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist. All three songs don’t exactly keep the sounds of keyboards hidden, having the tinkling of the ivories play an ever so large role in the sound to these songs. In a collection of songs as good as what are present on Get Some Scars, there was bound to be a song I find to be less than great. That songs happens to be the latter of the these two songs. While it’s a little catchy and capable of sticking in anyone’s head, I can’t help but feel some of the instruments are fake, in particular the first time we hear the drums on the track. But it’s not limited to that, I just find the song to get a little repetitive.

Other songs on Get Some Scars are unapologetically indie rock. The Devil Got Me Dancing, which is more mellow like the earlier mentioned tracks, deserves a spotlight first, because it’s the sole song that features bassist Charlotte Austen on lead vocals. Her voice is ever so present on every song, either singing backing vocals or having lead vocal parts in other songs where lead vocal duties are shared with Stuart Rook, but it’s on The Devil Got Me Dancing where we hear the other soulful voice Lux Lisbon. The perfect example of Charlotte and Stuart sharing vocals would be Animals, one of the other songs that shows the indie pop sound the band strives for right on its sleeve. Go back to the second track on Get Some Scars Memento Mori and that’s where you’ll really hear the indie sound of the band for the first time.

The mix of influences and styles on Get Some Scars is breathtaking. The way no two songs sound alike is just such a delight. The musicianship is above standard, and most importantly the songs writing is the most successful element. Without the great song writing, these songs would be so catchy and memorable. I don’t have to mention (but I will) the vocal harmonies and the big part they play in making Lux Lisbon leagues ahead of most modern bands going. They may call it an EP, but I call Get Some Scars one of the better albums to come out all year.

Head over to Lux Lisbon‘s website by clicking here to connect to their social media sites as well as to see how you can get Get Some Scars for free!

Thanks for reading!


Bullingdon Club” –­ The indie pop rock sound is ever so present, but so is that New Wave sound. The keyboards heard in the chorus are sure to grab anyone by the heart and never let go.


9 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Get Some Scars 4:23
2 Memento Mori 4:22
3 Keep Me Wild 3:51
4 Devil Got Me Dancing 3:14
5 ExplicitBullingdon Club 4:00
6 Demons You Show 4:00
7 Your Heart Is a Weapon the Size of Your Fist 3:18
8 We Don’t Believe in Love No More 4:08
9 Animals 3:11
10 Demons You Show (Acoustic) 3:30



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