Storyteller “A Place By Your Hopes”

Storyteller A Place By Your Hopes Review

Happy Canada Day! I don’t have a Canadian band to review for you, but I do have another pop punk band from the UK. Storyteller have a new EP called A Place By Your Hopes and while I seem to be asked to review a lot of bands of the genre lately, that just makes for an interesting challenge to see just how Storyteller differentiates from recently reviewed bands like Static Fiction, Montrose and Miss Vincent.

Well if A Place By Your Hopes‘ first track Walls and Boundaries is any indication, Storyteller aren’t afraid to be intense. The drumming is some of the most intense work I’ve heard out of the bands I’ve been reviewing. The guitar riffs are a little plain and Finn Orrell‘s singing sounds like what you’d expect, but so far if you like punk/pop punk, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Frankly all five tracks on A Place By Your Hopes are of the intense nature. Some are a little slower than others but still classify as fast such as closing track Confines, Reside and Broken Bones which despite not having the absolute drum mania of Walls and Boundaries, I still find it to be one of, if not the loudest and hardest song on the EP. Reside has the biggest pop punk feel out of any track thanks to its catchy riffs and melodies. There are other moments when Storyteller are even more intense than Walls and Boundaries. The best example being the track Headspace, where drummer Kyle Edwards goes crazier than ever.

You get what you expect with Storyteller and their EP A Place By Your Hopes. Lovers of the genre are sure to really like them, dare I say even love them. People looking for something new won’t really find it in the tracks present on A Place Called Hope, though I don’t think people should look so far into it and rather look at the fact that we have an EP full of five beyond exceptionally catchy tunes that don’t sound revolutionary, but almost just as importantly they don’t sound plain.


Broken Bones” –­ I feel it sums up the five songs well because it’s the loudest of the five tracks, but not as fast as intense as the opening two tracks. Broken Bones shows that Storyteller is not to be reckoned with all while showing how catchy they can make a song sound.


7 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Walls & Boundaries 2:48
2. Headspace 2:35
3. Reside 3:20
4. Broken Bones 3:03
5. Confines 3:20

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