Forrest “Soluna”

Forrest Soluna Review

Call it a mini album, call it an EP, whatever, but Forrest‘s soon-to-be-released Soluna may be short, but it packs everything a listener would need to know about the alternative band all in eight songs. “Alternative” being the broad term to describe the band, as is the case for most “alternative” bands, because in Forrest’s case, a one word definition of their sound isn’t quite possible.

Soluna can get pretty experimental, but in a not so complex progressive way. It’s evident on the opening track Ambition that Forrest have something unique to offer, and it takes less than two minutes do so. Being half spacey instrumental and the other half having soft and solemnly sung verses, this transient track serves as the perfect taste of what a listener is in for when turning on Soluna.

The spacey sound doesn’t define Soluna though. With the exception of the two minute instrumental Sol, most of the rest of the album has Forrest putting forth good effort into slow to mid tempo rock songs like Remember, Close To Me and Asylum. Actually Luna is kind of spacey, but with a hard rock edge unlike Ambition or Sol.

Forrest doesn’t have many songs online, but you can listen to Close To Me by clicking here.

The songs go by so fast. They’re quick and very to the point. That is until the last two tracks Standing Stone and Meet You There. The former of the two reminds me of a long version of Ambition while Meet You There concludes Soluna in a great way that gives listeners one last edgy mid tempo Forrest song. Both songs are just as hard to give a less broad category to, other than calling them “alternative” songs.

Soluna may be short, but it what’s important is that Forrest really do not sound like anybody else. No one that I can think of at least. There was clearly a lot of thought put in to the song writing on each track on the album, with just about each track topping the last, be it thanks to the spacey slow rhythms or the surprisingly meaty sounding guitars that accompany such soft rhythms. I’ve reviewed a few bands who have had strange indescribable sounds to them, but I can’t really think of many who can manage to make even three songs still sound catchy while keeping that strange edge to them, and Forrest manages to do so with eight songs on Soluna making it one of the most uniquely good albums I’ve had the pleasure of critiquing.

You can like Forrest on their Facebook Page.


Luna” –­ I like Luna as the highlight for reasons already stated, it has that unique sound that makes about half of the album stand out, while having the alternative rock credibility of the rest of the songs on Soluna all while sounding great, making it a great track that I not only think will attract potential fans but also show them what Forrest is all about.


8 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Ambition 1:48
2. Remember 3:22
3. Close To Me 2:36
4. Asylum 3:09
5. Sol 2:03
6. Luna 3:08
7. Standing Stone 4:55
8. Meet You There 4:23



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