Static Fiction “All In”

Static Fiction All In Review

For my second review today, I’ll be reviewing Static Fiction. Take a read of my first review of the day here. In the two years and a bit that I’ve had this blog, I’ve never been given an album by a band that captures the sound of California 90s summer bands like Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray (both bands that I love in more than just a nostalgic way) the way Static Fiction do on their new EP All In. Whether it’s nostalgia or just the influence of the state, Static Fiction really do find a way to make music that feels roughly fifteen or so years past its time.

Falling under the pop punk category – something the previously mentioned two bands only dabbled in throughout their careers – Static Fiction also manage to add in a little Sum 41 into their sound on All In, most particularly on the track Keep It Moving while songs like Temporary and the opening track Main Street range from being fast and somewhat loud to sounding relaxed and fun, something essential for any 90’s pop punk band.

Static Fiction manage to bottle up generations of California pop rock all in to one track, Something Amazing, which has an obvious Beach Boys surf rock influence to the vocal harmonies heard in its chorus, and it’s this track that impresses me the most. Even more than their ability to sound youthful and free on previously mentioned tracks like Main Street as well is AMRA.

Then to end All In with something different, Static Fiction include the short acoustic track Till The End. It’s not the best song on the EP, but it covers all the bases needed to be covered on this six track EP that brings in a great perspective on who Static Fiction are influenced by and what they intend to sound like.

Static Fiction are different from most pop punk bands. Funny enough All In isn’t the most original output I’ve ever had to review. I don’t know if it’s nostalgia for my younger years that draws me to their music but regardless it’s assuring to have a band like Static Fiction out there still keeping the 90s sound alive. I’m not sure of the age of the band members but the songs sound like they’re coming from a younger point of view, all while blending in so many different sounds from the late 90s ranging from California summer anthems to pop punk sounds only heard in 90s and early 2000s bands. It may not be original, but it’s refreshing in a way that makes me want to hear more from Static Fiction.

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AMRA” –­ It stands for “Another Mrs. Robinson Affair” and it’s chorus even features a good portion of the Simon And Garfunkel classic Mrs. Robinson‘s chorus. This is All In‘s highlight simply because it’s the best of the EPs unapologetic pop punk songs, with its tempo that never lets out for even a second and it’s youthful spirit, AMRA is sure to attract any listener who’d give Static Fiction the time of day.


7.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Main Street Static Fiction 3:14
2 Keep It Moving Static Fiction 4:00
3 Temporary Static Fiction 3:55
4 Something Amazing Static Fiction 3:02
5 Amra Static Fiction 2:26
6 Till the End Static Fiction 1:31

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