Panic Island “Cabin Fever”

Panic Island Cabin Fever

Trying to change the rock world, Panic Island have released their debut EP called Cabin Fever. It’s only three tracks long, but nowadays it just takes three songs to get a out there so in just three tracks, Panic Island do their best to show the world, or for now at least their hometown of London what they are made of and then hopefully get themselves enough recognition to record a full album. So how do these tracks measure up?

Well Panic Island do show a desire to change the norm a bit on a couple of tracks from Cabin Fever. We Start Fires and City Screams both have grooves to them, and while they don’t completely break the mold of originality, they still make for a welcome change. We Start Fires has added keyboard effects to its funky groove that can make your head move, while City Screams has the same energy as We Start Fires just with a little less keyboard effects to it, though still keeping some. The guitar stands out a hell of a lot more on this track as well making it more than just a vocal centred alternative rock song similar to that of Foo Fighters.

Sandwiched between the those two tracks is Temples. Temples brings a good change to the songs on Cabin Fever. It shows that Panic Island can and intend to write straight forward rock songs. In this case we are treated with a track that will fill your speakers just as well as the other two tracks on Cabin Fever but unlike the other two tracks, and while there isn’t really separating Temples from the next bands hard rock song, I still find it to be the catchiest track on Cabin Fever.

If I lived in London, Cabin Fever is enough of an EP to draw me to catch a live Panic Island performance. It’s very apparent that Panic Island have plenty more gas in the tank and merely just put Cabin Fever out as a little feeler to draw listeners which I do believe it will in fact succeed at doing.

Visit Cabin Fever’s Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter here.


We Start Fires” –­ Funny enough it’s my least favourite of the three tracks – it’s not really my style of song and the hooks aren’t there to draw me to love it – but it does showcase the bands serious intentions to make a bit of a statement in music, all while giving the perfect idea of what Panic Island, or at least what Cabin Fever sounds like.


7 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. We Start Fires 3:05
2. Temples 2:57
3. City Screams 3:09




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