Montrose “Monster Under The Bed”

Montrose Monster Under The Bed

When I was given punk band Montrose‘s new EP Monster Under The Bed for review, the first thought that went through my head was “Montrose, the 70’s hard rock band?” It’s obvious when listening to the EP that this is a completely different band with the same name. This Montrose delivers straight forward punk rock, with catchy hooks and fast rhythms in a time when competition is stiff.

What makes competition more stiff is that now it may be easier than ever to get your music out there, but you have to make people want to hear it. Montrose is fine as a punk band, there may be many out there, but when you take in to account the melodic style that they play that eliminates a good herd, but not enough to give them any sort of easy street.

Monster Under The Bed is full of six great punk tracks by Montrose, but just how do they stand out over other punk bands? Well being relatively new, they are surely still growing into the sound that they’ve chosen best suits their needs. Most importantly they seem to be comfortable as a band, as is apparent right away on opening track Underperformer with how it goes from fast and hungry but it also transitions into a soft undertone heard during its verses. It’s this opening track and closing track Fit For A King that have the most pop punk sound to them compared to the rest of the EP.

Other songs include the slightly more intense The End Game, the instrument filled Walking Contradiction (which has one of the more catchy choruses on Monster Under The Bed) my personal favourite track Blush and the shortest – yet surprisingly slowest paced – track Good Old Days. All of these tracks show a surprising amount of diversity for Montrose. Much of the songs are fast, but not super incoherent fast. Despite the only subtle changes in tempo between most songs, each track has their own distinctive melody and attitude. I can see myself getting a little tired of Jason Bishop‘s voice with over exposure but I can listen to Sam Chard‘s guitar riffs all day.

Aside from the band name (I seriously think Sammy Hagar will see to it that the name be changed before this band’s music sees the mainstream light of day) I don’t hear much wrong with Montrose‘s Monster Under The Bed. I like it more the more I listen to it and have yet to grow tired of it even a little. Originality isn’t on their side, as is the case with many bands who choose the punk route, but their music does enough of the talking to show that they are not only having fun but they also know what they’re doing. At first I didn’t see Monster Under The Bed getting a high rating, but the EP grew on me that much.

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Blush” –­ This is one of those EP/LP’s where so many songs could make a good highlight, meaning I think if a first time listener were to listen to any of Monster Under The Bed‘s six tracks they’d get a good idea of what Montrose sound like and at the same time I think anyone would enjoy just about every track. I could have taken the easy route and chosen one of the two songs that have YouTube videos so that I could provide a sample of my highlight like I do in just about all my reviews, but I really want to pick Blush, yes it’s my favourite song on the EP and I never really pick a song because it’s my favourite, but in this case there’s nothing to lose.


8 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Underperformer 3:17
2. The End Game 4:11
3. Walking Contradiction 4:36
4. Blush 4:17
5. Good Old Days 3:22
6. Fit For A King 3:57

 Montrose Promo 1


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