Apollo and the Artist “Funfairs and Fairytales”

Apollo and the Artist Funfairs and Fairytales

I like reviewing independent unsigned bands because I feel such reviews are my opportunity to share my opinion on how I feel the band has progressed towards their goal as opposed to just merely giving my opinion on the artists new recordings. Apollo and the Artist will be the first unsigned band I’ve reviewed in a while, and it was in the absence of reviewing such artists that I came to realize why I enjoy it so much.

The first song I heard from their new EP Funfairs and Fairytales was Fate. I would soon find out it wasn’t the first song I should have listened to because it gave a bad first impression. The production is a little undercooked and the song itself, while delightfully loud and surprisingly progressive, has a blandness that had me second guessing Apollo and the Artist. But as I said, this was merely just a bad first impression.

I should have started with Come Down To Us, the opening track to Funfairs and Fairytales. This track shows a much more jumpy and loose side to the band and it is far more catchy. Apollo and the Artist seem to want to primarily be a dark and gloomy sounding alternative band which is displayed best on Salt and the apocalyptic concluding track to the EP Wonderland.

What impresses me is how all four tracks sound fairly different from one another. While most moments on Funfairs and Fairytales are good and heavy and at times fairly catchy, I hear the most spurts of intelligent song writing in Wonderland, but that doesn’t take away from other moments from the EP. Even re-listening to Fate many times since my first listen of the track I hear some good moments.

The whole alternative rock thing has been done many times before but the added effects such as the sounds of strings and certain other keyboard sounds heard throughout the EP give Apollo and the Artist a bit of an identity, which is what’s important. Funfairs and Fairytales shows me that the band already know how to write a good song, so as long as they don’t lose that touch (which is unlikely, cause they’re most probably only going to improve on that aspect) I look forward to seeing where the band goes in the future.

For now, check them out on their Facebook page by clicking here.


Wonderland” –­ The dark alternative sound is the root to Apollo and the Artist. It should come as no surprise upon reading my review that I pick Wonderland as it’s not only the best written track, but it also displays that dark sound immediately, and no matter how the song changes it never loses its touch and it is the biggest sign of proof that Apollo and the Artist are far from hitting their peak.


7 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Come Down To Us 4:08
2. Fate 3:49
3. Salt 4:05
4. Wonderland 4:17



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