We Are Harlot “We Are Harlot”

We Are Harlot We Are Harlot

When Danny Worsnop helped form We Are Harlot in 2011, I doubt he thought that by the time their self-titled debut album came out not too long ago that We Are Harlot would be his main project. Being the front man for Asking Alexandria had We Are Harlot all but written off as a side project as Danny’s main band of merry metalcore preachers continued to make waves in the world of metal. But, surprising to some, Danny Worsnop was fired from Asking Alexandria which just may have been a blessing because now he gets to start over and in a completely new direction.

We Are Harlot couldn’t be any more opposite from Asking Alexandria. In fact, when I first researched the band (I listened to them before even knowing who the members are) I was in disbelief that the singer of this straight up limited bullshit hard rock band’s singer was the same singer that belted out the harsh screams of the metalcore veterans. It’s a welcome change to me, because I personally always found Asking Alexandria to be annoying. They’re different from other metalcore bands but that doesn’t necessarily make them good in my eyes. But I’ve always been partial to hard rock, especially bands who can do it right, and I was very VERY intrigued to see if Danny Worsnop could do it right.

Joining Danny for this ride are relatively unknown musicians, who include drummer Bruno Agra, bassist Brian Weaver and guitarist Jeff George, Jeff being the one with the second best credentials having played for Sebastian Bach for a short stint which actually took place after We Are Harlot were formed. Together, these men create some good hard rock songs, evident right off the bat with album opener Dancing on Glass and continues through tracks like Dirty Little Thing, the guitar crazed Denial and the slightly more serene Easier To Leave.

All of the above mentioned songs standout tracks, all are hard rocking but some have their distinctive differences, for instance, Easier To Leave has a night time feel to it. It’s a feeling I could never accurately describe other than being a song that does an exceptional job catching the sound of a song that would be most effectively played at night. One More Night, Never Turn Back and Flying Too Close To The Sun complete most of the best and hardest moments that We Are Harlot has to offer.

There are other songs like The One which has one of the best sounding choruses on the album, but other than the chorus the song sounds a little generic. It really is completely saved by its chorus. Luckily there are only a few songs I’d consider generic and uneventful beyond being hard rock songs with a good heart. Love For The Night would be the main example. It’s got an intensity to it that is great and it has a rock and roll vibe to it like no other song on We Are Harlot but it just lacks that hook.

We Are Harlot have a couple of moments where they let their slower side show, starting with one of We Are Harlot’s finest tracks, Someday. I’ve always been a sucker for a good ballad, and Someday sure is a good ballad. It doesn’t feel like it was written for the sake of having a slower song on the album, whether or not that’s the truth behind the songs inclusion. The second and last time We Are Harlot show their softer side is right at the end of the album with closing track I Tried. I wouldn’t consider it one of the best songs on the album, but the heart and especially the soul that’s shown in this song is quite surprising. Danny Worsnop really uses a side of his voice that I’m sure he never has before, adding a little Rod Stewart rasp to it (from when Rod Stewart was a rock singer).

I Tried is the last of a few surprises that are present on We Are Harlot. The biggest surprise of all is how warmly and accurately We Are Harlot deliver music that is simply dedicated to sex, drugs and rock and roll. Danny Worsnop really has made the most of his second chance. He may have been topping the metal charts with Asking Alexandria, and unfortunately with the state of music that probably won’t happen any time soon with We Are Harlot, Danny still seems to be having the most fun he’s ever had with a completely rejuvenated outlook on his life in music. It took a few listens, but I’m completely won over by We Are Harlot’s hard rock approach. I don’t know for sure of We Are Harlot is still a one-off side project (I’ve read rumours of a Danny Worsnop solo career) but I sure hope we haven’t heard the last from this band.


Dirty Little Thing” –­ Many of the songs on We Are Harlot catch you with their punch and their hooks, but none do so like Dirty Little Thing. Jeff George‘s guitar riff is one of the better riffs I’ve heard in a long time, the way it fits in with the songs fast paced nature is just great, and with Danny’s vocals not letting up for even a second, we have what I believe to be the best first impression anyone could get from We Are Harlot‘s debut album.


8.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. “Dancing on Nails” 2:40
2. “Dirty Little Thing” 3:10
3. “Someday” 4:06
4. “Denial” 4:08
5. “Easier To Leave” 3:21
6. “One More Night” 3:21
7. “Never Turn Back” 3:31
8. “The One” 3:23
9. “Love For the Night” 2:58
10. “Flying Too Close To the Sun” 3:20
11. “I Tried” 3:40



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