Miss Vincent “Reasons Not To Sleep”

Some bands rely on intelligent song writing or catchy hooks to stand out above the crowd, while some just stick themselves right in your face so that you can’t help but notice them. In Miss Vincent‘s case, they’re pretty much the latter. Specializing in punk rock, not pop punk or hardcore punk but simply fast no bullshit riffs with catchy rhythms, Miss Vincent’s Reasons Not To Sleep EP is chock-full of some of the most punk songs I think I’ve ever had the chance to review.

Miss Vincent Reasons Not To Sleep

It starts with the fast and loud DNR where we first hear Miss Vincent‘s fast playing attitude blended quite well with their ability to structure a song the way a hard rock band would. Reasons Not To Sleep is filled with similarly describable songs, but each song has their differences from one another. Gradients of Grey’s “woah” chants heard during the chorus are a staple for any punk band. Sure it’s been done in different variations by many punk bands in the past but this tune just wouldn’t be the same without it.

It’s not all fun and games though. When listening to Disparate, Desperate you’d think you were listening to another band. Lead vocalist Alex Marshall still has that loose punk sound to his voice, but the song is far from something you’d expect from a punk band and is rather a slow serious rock song that can at times be loud and is at all times awesome. Even when Miss Vincent returns to delivering fast punk songs, particularly with Shogun Queen, there is still a serious backbone to the song. It’s “moody punk rock” as their Facebook page reads, and I couldn’t agree more.

Reasons Not To Sleep is six songs of in your face punk rock. I feel every song from DNR to the final track You Can’t Spell Blame Without ME packs just the perfect punch and there is very little I have to say that isn’t positive. Maybe the originality aspect of their music, but when the songs sound this good and catchy, originality doesn’t quite matter. As long as a band can in fact make a song stick in your head the way Gradients of Grey and How Much Further do, I think Miss Vincent prove they know what direction they want to go in and I think they’ll get there fast.


How Much Further” –­ Though just about every Miss Vincent song on Reasons Not To Sleep is almost as catchy as the next one, How Much Further just seems to stand out above the rest of the pack. It’s the only song on the EP which has a hook heard all the way through, rather than having just one part of the song (typically the chorus in any bands case) stick in its listeners head, How Much Further’s chorus, verses and chants along with its guitar playing all have potential to be the song that just about any listener would have stuck in their head immediately.


8.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. DNR 3:22
2. Gradients of Grey 3:03
3. Disparate, Desperate 3:38
4. Shogun Queen 2:35
5. How Much Further 3:49
6. You Can’t Spell Blame Without ME 4:28



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