The Kut “Rock Paper Scissors”

The Kut are an all girl grunge trio. What makes them unique compared to other grunge bands I’ve reviewed is that they take influence from the Nirvana school of grunge playing, unlike other grunge bands I’ve featured who go in more of an Alice In Chains/Soundgarden direction. The Kut add that punk element to their sound that Nirvana did, and surprisingly I don’t see that a lot which is what intrigued me to take on their Rock Paper Scissors EP.

It’s just four songs long, but The Kut make a lasting statement. Rock Paper Scissors starts with I Want You Maniac, which gets straight into the simple sludgy punk chords with a catchy chorus that’s impossible to forget and Violet going crazy on the drums in the background. I Want You Maniac makes for a solid opening track because it sets the course for the rest of the EP. I Don’t Need Therapy follows the punky nature of I Want You Maniac, but it differs by having a slower tempo and a more pop feel to it.

Not all songs are fast and simple though. Alekhine’s Gun shows The Kut taking more of a structured approach to their song writing by slowing things down and concentrating on guitar riffs and different beats. What kills the song is the chorus, when vocalist/guitarist Maha screams her lungs out. I’m one who tolerates screaming, but I often enjoy it, especially when it’s in small segments in a song such as it is on Alekhine’s Gun, but this just doesn’t sound right, and it doesn’t fit the song.

The last track on Rock Paper Scissors is the longest. Bad Man was the right choice to end the EP, because it switches from slow and sludgy to intense and thrashy. I consider this to be The Kut‘s most well put together song, and at no point does it lose my attention. By the end I want more, making me interested in what a full The Kut album would sound like.

I think the music present on Rock Paper Scissors is a good indication of what the future has in store for The Kut. They have the sound, and the attitude to match their sound. They have the anger and the rage and can you ever hear it on these four hard rocking tracks which makes them a genuine grunge trio in my books.


I Want You Maniac” –­ This opening track not only sets the course for the rest of Rock Paper Scissors, it also does it in such fine fashion. It best exemplifies The Kut‘s intentions and capabilities and most importantly their sound.


7.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 I Want You Maniac 03:31
2. Alekhine’s Gun 04:09
3. I Don’t Need Therapy 03:19
4. Bad Man 04:48



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