Dead Lucky “Sons of Lazarus”

And now for something heavy. Dead Lucky are a heavy metal band unlike many I’ve reviewed. They have loud thick badass music with harsh melodic vocals. I’ve heard plenty of vocalists with harsh yet melodic voices, but none quite like Kyle Lucky. Their recent album Sons of the Lazarus is full of variations of heavy metal music that doesn’t compare to many bands that I can think of.

I don’t know how I’d describe the actual song writing of Dead Lucky, but the sound itself is something original. Sons of Lazarus‘s opening title track is hard, sleazy and riff heavy and starts a trend heard throughout the album. That trend being the no bullshit attitude that the songs take. Some are slow and sleazy like the opening track and Live Fast, Die Last, some are fast and thrashing like King of the Underworld.

I guess after a certain point some sounds kind of start to sound the same but with slight difference. Our Prayer for instance has the hard drum pounding and simple yet fast guitar riff work heard at many points of the album thus far, but Kyle’s vocals carry and intensity unlike any so far on Sons of Lazarus. Favourite Kinda’ Woman blends the fast and thrashy moments that Dead Lucky have shown they’re capable of and blend that with the sleazy sounds of other songs that they’ve played, making for a good crossover.

I look at Sin City and Woman of the Night merely as Dead Lucky having fun. The latter of the two tracks serves as a highlight of the album as I feel it’s perhaps the best of the sleazy songs on the album. I do, however, struggle to find relevance in Sin City compared to other songs on Sons of Lazarus.

Dead Lucky finally drastically change things up with The End of the Day. This blues inspired tune serves as the slowest song on the album, but that doesn’t take away from the attitude heard throughout Sons of Lazarus. Especially at the soft sung, well, sort of soft sung (you have to listen to get it) moments of the song between the emotional outbreaks of intensity. The End of the Day is surely a major highlight on Sons of Lazarus, and not just because it is completely different from all else heard on the album.


Dead Lucky close Sons of Lazarus with Immortals (after a quick spoken tribute to a fallen friend called A Pause For the Fallen.) Immortals mostly centres on the chorus. The songs verses are kept short and to the point while the chorus is repeated, ending the album with one last fast and intense output of sound, capping off one of the heaviest hard rock albums released all year.

The key to Dead Lucky‘s sound isn’t in originality, at least not in song writing. Their strongest point is by far in their sound. My favourite thing about Dead Lucky is their sound, most notably Kyle Lucky‘s vocals. I have to commemorate that he could easily take out the melodic element of his vocal style and just stick to harsh vocals, that’s what so many vocalists do and I’ve been vocal at how it can at times piss me off. That’s why I especially like Kyle’s vocals throughout Sons of Lazarus. That helps my opinion of the album greatly as otherwise Sons of Lazarus is an album with very listenable hard rock/heavy metal songs with only a few that would truly stand out over the songs by other contemporaries. In the end, Sons of Lazarus is an album I’d recommend to any hard rock fan and I’d expect many of them to enjoy it just as I do.


Prowler” –­ The finest moment on the album comes as one of the albums many attitude driven hard rockers. The songs intro is nothing short of terrific and the phrasing of the vocals instantly caught me from first listen and never let go and serves as the song I always look forward to listening to the most.


7.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Sons of Lazarus Dead Lucky 3:39
2 King of the Underworld Dead Lucky 4:17
3 Prowler Dead Lucky 5:05
4 Live Fast, Die Last Dead Lucky 3:08
5 Our Prayer Dead Lucky 3:03
6 Favourite Kinda’ Women Dead Lucky 3:29
7 Sin City Dead Lucky 3:51
8 Woman of the Night Dead Lucky 3:39
9 The End of the Day Dead Lucky 5:06
10 Slow Dance with a Devil Dead Lucky 4:08
11 A Pause for the Fallen Dead Lucky 0:10
12 Immortals Dead Lucky 3:14



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