Dauzat St. Marie “Falling Again”

Mat Dauzat and Heather St. Marie may have only just recently released their debut EP Falling Again (under the name Dauzat St. Marie) but they aren’t new to the music scene. They stem from their alternative metal band Hydrovibe, best known for their song Killer Inside from the Saw III soundtrack. However, Dauzat St. Marie couldn’t be any more opposite from Hydrovibe. Now simply a singer/songwriting folk rock duo, Mat Dauzat and Heather St. Marie show they are much more than simply followers of common rock trends.

I was immediately struck by Falling Again‘s opening track. I instantly fell for Heather St. Marie‘s powerful voice and how even on a gentle piano driven track such as this her voice could have so much power to it. Just like any good duo, Mat Dauzat‘s vocal harmony makes the song practically perfect by filling out everything that this song was missing. This song did what I find so few tracks do for me lately, it made me really want to keep listening.

Dauzat St. Marie stay true to an acoustic guitar driven sound for the remainder of the Falling Again EP. Time Slips Away has everything that made Falling Again such a great song, including vocal harmonies and the sound of a string section (I can’t tell if it’s an actual string section or a keyboard, though I’m sure it’s the latter) playing behind the music to fill out the speakers a tad more. Watch Me Go adds some simple drums to Dauzat St. Marie’s acoustic rock approach, making this the most full sounding song on Falling Again. Sinking Down differentiates itself from the rest of Falling Again is its slightly darker sound.


Falling Again ends with an acoustic version of the title track. It makes sense, considering Dauzat St. Marie‘s music concentrates on an acoustic sound, that the only song on the EP that puts its focus toward piano would also be recorded as an acoustic piece. This version of the song doesn’t make it standout from the rest of the EP, but it makes for a good inclusion and I suppose I like it as the closing song on the EP as well because it brings Falling Again, both the EP and the song, to a full circle.

There is plenty to love on Falling Again and its all thanks to Dauzat St. Marie‘s ability to write interesting acoustic songs that sound good from beginning to end. They change the norm a bit for what acoustic/folk musicians typically sound like which is not only important, but it’s also what will get them ahead in the music world, and for that I can’t think of a finer selection of songs to have reviewed.


Time Slips Away” –­ I find every song on Falling Again comes back to Time Slips Away. This song seems to be the core to which Dauzat St. Marie base their sound. Some of the songs are a little darker, some are piano driven, but they are all soft hearted and well written songs, and no song on Falling Again is better written and more heartfelt than Time Slips Away.


9 (Out of 10)

Track List:


1 Falling Again Dauzat St. Marie 4:47
2 Time Slips Away Dauzat St. Marie 5:16
3 Watch Me Go Dauzat St. Marie 3:24
4 Sinking Down Dauzat St. Marie 3:43
5 Falling Again (Acoustic) Dauzat St. Marie 4:44

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