Copper The Bet “Champagne”

Copper The Bet Champagne

Copper The Bet credit themselves as being “electronic” pop rock. I disagree. Not to say that they don’t have electronic elements to their music because they certainly do, it’s just that there was a term in the 80s that describes their sound perfectly. They are basically the closest thing to 80s New Wave music that I’ve heard in any new band, which makes reviewing their Champagne EP all the more interesting.

Champagne opens with the title track and right off the bat we’re hit with heavily keyboard driven pop rock accompanied with guitars to thicken out the sound just enough. Not even a minute and a half into the song I’d swear I was listening to a song from the mid 80s, only with a little more guts and a lot less bubble gum compared to what the height of 80s pop is so comically remembered for.

While keyboards play a prominent part in every track, but there are some great guitar moments, such as more guitar centred tracks such as Avalanche and Fair Weather Friends. Where Avalanche is a catchy upbeat tune similar to Champagne only more guitar driven, Fair Weather Friends shows a little more emotion and structure to its song writing. However the upbeat sound seems to be more of what Copper The Bet are going for, with Last Night being another danceable song, and another that’s more keyboard centred than it is guitar centred.

If there was one song that completely sounds as though it’s from the 80s it’s Only One. This song hardly has anything modern about it, from its backbeat to Copper The Bet‘s chosen keyboard sound. Even the vocals, on every track and not just this one, sound smooth and operatic in a way that brings memories of bands like Talk Talk (though Talk Talk are more synthpop than new wave).

Copper The Bet Champagne

Copper The Bet end Champagne on a fine note with When We’re Dancing, which I regard as the EPs most catchy track. It has the most memorable keyboard riff on the EP and it just has the happiest and most free feeling out of all six tracks from Champagne. I also love the keyboard sounds played in the chorus and how they add to the songs jangly sound. I’d hope for a more rock based song to end the EP, as When We’re Dancing is the poppiest song on the album, but it does the job and it does the job perfectly well.

I’d like to call Copper The Bet a modern new wave band. I’m sure there are others that would disagree, but from what I hear on the six tracks from Champagne, it has the pop chops of bands like the previously mentioned Talk Talk or Flock of Seagulls and it also has somewhat of an edge to it reminiscent of New Wave heavy weights The Cars or Blondie. Actually, it’s perfectly between them, because Copper The Bet don’t have that one hit wonder sound, but they could also have more edge to them. Giving a look at artists I’ve reviewed in the past, it’s no wonder that I’d wish Copper The Bet had more of an edge to it, I also can’t deny that the songs present on Champagne are some of the best independent rock songs I’ve ever been given to review and I must admit that I’m surprised at how much I enjoy this EP.


Avalanche” –­ I choose Avalanche for its mixture of guitars and keyboards. A heavily keyboard driven song would give the impression that Copper The Bet are just a pop band. Avalanche shows a lot of rock credibility while not hiding the bands pop side at all. Not to mention the “oh, oh, oh, oooh” chant in the chorus is just so damn catchy.


8.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Champagne Copper the Bet 4:10
2 Avalanche Copper the Bet 3:07
3 Fair Weather Friends Copper the Bet 3:26
4 Only One Copper the Bet 3:23
5 Last Night Copper the Bet 2:50
6 When We’re Dancing Copper the Bet 3:09


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