Sima “Beautiful Liar”

Sima Beautiful Liar

It’s not a secret that moving to major American cities such as LA or New York is a good way to jump start a career in music. For countless musicians, these moves were what credited most to their success. For Sima, this meant leaving behind a whole life in Israel in that pursuit. With an alternative rock influenced sound similar to that of Evanescence, Sima has released a few EPs that showcase her style as a singer. Her most recent EP Beautiful Liar shows her continued growth as a singer and songwriter.

Alone With You, the first song on Beautiful Liar, gets right into things with its straight ahead rock sound. The melodies are impressive and the blended sounds of multiple guitars and keyboards playing subtly behind the heavy beat of the song make for a unique texture that already makes Beautiful Liar stand out right off the bat.

The title track to Beautiful Liar has a bit of a nu-metal sound to it, only it’s rock instead of metal. I’ve never heard of “nu-rock” so I’m not going to use that. This song is more keyboard driven and it has a more calm beat to it. It’s not quite as original as the opening track but it still displays a style that Sima is trying to make her own.

The keyboard/piano driven sound seems to be the main distinction to Sima’s music, as most songs on the EP feature them heavily, including the very slow, soft and beautiful (in a haunting way) Wherever You Are as well as the similarly described, yet slightly more guitar driven Set It All On Fire.

Then closing track Will You Find Me gets rid of almost all instruments for the first half of the song and concentrates practically entirely on the sound of a piano playing while Sima sings before the sounds of a string arrangement as well as a full rock band take the second half of the song home, ending the song and Beautiful Liar in the best possible way.

If this piano/keyboard driven sound is the sound that Sima would best like to be known for, then she doesn’t really do a bad job at performing songs in such a style. I compared the sound to Evanescence, while really Beautiful Liar sounds like a softer version of Evanescence. Because of this, I’m not sure of the originality behind the songs. However, that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable to listen to.


Beautiful Liar” –­ I wouldn’t call it the best song from the EP, but it blends the EPs sounds together well. It is keyboard driven, just like much of the EP is, and it has a dark feeling to it which shows the heavy side and the soft side of Sima‘s songs all in one, making this the perfect highlight.


7.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Alone With You SIMA 3:22
2 Beautiful Liar SIMA 4:04
3 Wherever You Are SIMA 3:17
4 Set It All On Fire SIMA 3:54
5 Will You Find Me SIMA 3:45



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