White Limo “Magic Formula”

white Limo Magic Formula

When I was given White Limo‘s Magic Formula for review, I was told that among their influences, a major one is Foo Fighters (considering Foo Fighters have a song called “White Limo” I wasn’t too shocked). Considering Foo Fighters are without a doubt the biggest rock band in the world at the current time, I’d say that’s not a bad influence to have. However, there are a lot of Foo Fighters clones out there, so as is the case with any band, I was sceptical, yet intrigued to see just how much influence White Limo may have taken from Foo Fighters and other listed influences such as Biffy Clyro and Queens of the Stone Age.

Vocalist Nisse Lindberg‘s voice at the beginning of opening track Winter Rain does have a Dave Grohl-esque sound to it, but when the song picks up it really does come to its own. It has a melancholy feel to it mixed with a kind of upbeat sound, and makes perfect use of all instruments being played, even adding some orchestral sounds at just the right moments.

Since Magic Formula is only a five track EP, White Limo know they have to make an impression and make it fast. That’s why following tracks Girl On Fire, Horizon and Black Roses sound relatively different from one another. Girl On Fire without a doubt has the catchiest chorus on the album and is the song that always sticks in my head when thinking about the EP. Horizon immediately starts off with a 90’s pop rock sound, both in its instrumentation and vocals, before breaking in to an onslaught of alternative rock power in its chorus. Black Roses has the most catchy and memorable rhythm and beat on the EP. At moments it’s also the loudest song on Magic Formula.

The song White Limo chose to end Magic Formula with is called Daylight. On an EP with such well written songs as this one, it’s hard to go wrong with which song should be the closer. However it’s not easy to go with which of the tracks would be the perfect closing track. Daylight just so happens to be the best possible choice to close Magic Formula with. It has the modern alternative rock sound that White Limo seems to have mastered on all tracks, but this song specifically has a very upbeat feeling, unlike any other on Magic Formula, that just makes me want more every time I hear it.

Every time I listen to Magic Formula I always keep in mind the influences that White Limo listed when giving me the EP. However, by the time I finish the EP I forget all about those influences and find myself concentrating on how the band really can stand on their own feet. While the production quality could be a little better, there isn’t a bad song on the EP and the bad moment or two are so small that I don’t even have to mention them. White Limo have the song writing capabilities to match with any of the top rock bands of today while not needing to rely on other bands’ sounds to get there.


Girl On Fire” –­ Much like how all five tracks could have served as a great closing track to the EP, all five songs would also make great highlights. The reason I chose Girl On Fire is because it is just so damn catchy. Every song on Magic Formula shows what makes White Limo special, but Girl On Fire is the one song that initially caught me, as I hope it would do for other newcomers.


8.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Winter Rain 3:52
2 Girl On Fire 3:13
3 Horizon 3:30
4 Black Roses 3:48
5 Daylight 3:45


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