The Driftwood Sign “The Driftwood Sign – EP”

The Driftwood Sign

Sweden’s The Driftwood Sign started out like most bands should, in a garage (or something like a garage) and after “a very good jamming session” the trio of men decided it would be a good idea to start a band. They just set out to make music that they thought people would enjoy. They gave me their five song self titled EP to give my thoughts, and as always without knowing much of what to expect I was happy to oblige.

The Driftwood Sign starts their EP off with Leech. The song has an acoustic intro, but it doesn’t take long to transform into electric guitars playing a good sounding offbeat alternative sounding rock song. Lead vocalist Anders has a somewhat high pitch voice giving a more upbeat feeling to the otherwise grungy sound of the band playing behind the vocals.

As the EP goes on, I start to realize that The Driftwood Sign are more of a traditional hard rock band than an alternative band. Even You is a fast paced attitude driven song that sounds nothing like the opening track, already showing some diversity. Open Fields is reminiscent of 80s metal, most particularly thanks to its opening riff and the music that follows. It has the feeling of an Iron Maiden/Dio song with a friendly chorus, making the song uniquely dark yet upbeat. No Longer Young also has a bit of 80s metal sound to it. This time with a bit more intensity compared to Open Fields, but once again with an upbeat chorus, which seems to be The Driftwood Sign’s patented sound.

The closing song on The Driftwood Sign‘s EP is Disorder. I feel this song is a great closer, because it doesn’t sound like anything else on the EP, however it doesn’t sound dissimilar either. It switches throughout from being soft and slow to being loud and crunchy. It doesn’t sound like an alternative track, nor does it sound like an 80’s metal song. Instead it’s just a great hard rock song in which The Driftwood Sign take one last shot at trying to impress their listeners, and that’s why I like Disorder as the EP’s closing track.

The Driftwood Sign‘s self titled EP offers the perfect amount of consistency and also gives as good a taste of the bands song writing and playing capabilities as any independent bands EP that I’ve reviewed. I enjoy the guitar riffs, the drum beats and especially the vocal melodies on every single song and I look forward to future releases by The Driftwood Sign.


Disorder” –­ I think I described it pretty well during the review. I really find this to be the albums true swan song, with all effort and emotion all put in to this one last attempt at trying to make an impression, and because of that I feel this is the song that would best stick in people’s heads after listening to the EP, and not just because it’s the last song they hear.


8.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 Leech 5:22
2 Even You 4:18
3 Open Fields 4:13
4 No Longer Young 4:30
5 Disorder 5:14



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