The first independent EP of 2015 to be reviewed by yours truly is an alternative metal one. I do get a lot of alternative metal EP/LP’s, it seems to be an easy genre to get in to given how broad “alternative” can really be. TIDALWAVE are undoubtedly influenced by the likes of Deftones and Seether and include the melodic and less downbeat elements of that of bands like Shinedown and certain moments of Breaking Benjamin.

Their self titled EP’s opening track Find Myself displays these influences right on its sleeve. Its music has edge to it that only an alternative metal song can have with its distorted and sort of sludgy guitar tones and not quite so fast but not quite so slow paced tempo. The vocals are what add the softer melodic side of the band’s sound to make this a great opener for the EP.

Rx isn’t much different in structure from Find Myself. TIDALWAVE continue to rely on hard and unmercifully played chords behind softer vocals, this time there’s a bit more of a unique beat to the songs verses. Endings is the first song I listened to by the band when initially offered their EP. The song honestly didn’t capture me the way a band would hope to catch my ear. Luckily TIDALWAVE had much more to offer in the long run. Without being too critical, there isn’t much totally wrong with the song, but it just lacks significance, mostly when comparing it to other tracks on the EP.

Since this is an EP I won’t mention anything negative on how the closing track is a softer song; something I’ve spoken ill of in past reviews. EPs main purposes are to display bands capabilities in performing and writing, and different styles are always welcome no matter the order. Solace is still a considerably hard track, I wouldn’t classify it as anywhere close to a ballad, but it definitely has the most heart on the album. It’s the most melodic track and subsequently one of the most memorable songs on the album. It reminds me a lot of something Breaking Benjamin would make. If you’ve listened to them, they usually have a song or two per album that is softer than the rest but still heavy enough to compete with fellow alternative contemporaries.

I’ve mentioned that I get a lot of alternative metal EPs and LPs and that it’s an easy genre to get in to. I didn’t mention that these bands are usually hit or miss and they’re also typically the least original of the bands I’m given. TIDALWAVE may not be the most original of bands I’ve been given, but they are certainly for the most part not insignificant. With the exception of the production I feel like I’m listening to a band who’s been making music for more than just a few years and I’m happy to start the new year off with an album such as this.


Find Myself” –­ Of the two most significant songs on this TIDALWAVE EP, I feel this one backs the most punch and opens up listeners to the world of TIDALWAVE just fine. It has the proper integrity to be a credible alternative metal song just the way TIDALWAVE has the integrity to be a credible alternative metal band.


7.5 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. 1. Find Myself 03:04
2. Rx 03:42
3. Endings 05:07
4. Solace 04:27


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