Peur “Future Architects”

Peur "Future Architects"

About a year ago I reviewed a band called Peur. They were among the first independent alternative metal bands I ever reviewed and frankly of all the ones to have come afterward their last EP We Can Build Astronauts remains one of the better ones I’ve been given. To my delight I was asked to review their follow up EP Future Architects, and I took this as a means to see if they still are one of the better independent alternative rock/metal bands out there.

Unlike We Can Build Astronauts, Future Architects starts off with an instrumental, well technically two, with the “Intro” track that leads right in to They Have Destroyed Everything…. The instrumentals make the musicality of Peur stand out; one thing I enjoyed about We Can Build Astronauts was the unique songwriting of the band, but the singing melodies always trumped that musicality. For this track there is nothing to take attention away from the bands well crafted instrumentation.

Explosions is the first song with vocals and Joe Lomax comes back in full swing much the way he did on We Can Build Astronauts. I like the alternative intensity of Explosions, but I can’t help but feel like the song is missing a true hook which I believe is made up for in the next track It Ends Before It Starts. The vocal melodies in this track sound much better and the loud guitar riffs just catch me instantly and show me that Peur has not lost any of their magic at all.

Peur "Future Architects"

Future Architects ends strong with Hollow Skies. I stay strong because since there are only three songs with vocals on them, Peur really had to make a statement with these three songs, and since I feel the statement wasn’t all that strong with Explosions, the other two really had to bring it. It Ends Before It Starts sure did “bring it” but Peur brought it to an even higher level with Hollow Skies, ending the EP in a way that makes me wish for more. The epic way all the instruments blend in with each other and Joe’s vocal cries add heart to the chaotic backbeat that makes the song a practical alternative masterpiece.

My only real complaint with Future Architects is that once it started to get really good, it ended. That’s a good problem for the band to have, but a frustrating problem for me because I want more! Comparing Future Architects with We Can Build Astronauts, I’d say both EPs are just about on par with each other, though Peur show some songwriting maturity specifically in the last two tracks on Future Architects. As a standalone EP, not comparing it to previous efforts, I do feel that the potential for another great song was ever so slightly wasted with the albeit impressive instrumental track, especially considering my minor disappointment with Explosions. One thing is undeniable though is that Peur is headed in the right direction.


It Ends Before It Starts” –­ Funny, I’m starting to feel as though that title sums up the EP, which is complete coincidence. But despite Hollow Skies being my definite favourite song off of Future Architects, It Ends Before It Starts sums up the band best with its heavy guitar riffs and soft yet powerful vocals bringing the perfect alternative metal concoction to life.


There is no audio sample that I can provide for this song.


8 (Out of 10)

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. They Have Destroyed Everything…
  3. Explosions
  4. It Ends Before It Starts
  5. Hollow Skies

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