BlindSide Thunder “The Storm”

I’ve reviewed a few bands like BlindSide Thunder, bands with that old time, slightly cliché classic hard rock sound. Most of the time though these bands end up sounding better and better the more I listen to their albums. At first I usually just think to myself how what they are doing has been done and I can’t get my head over that, but then I start to listen to and appreciate the effort put in to the songs. BlindSide Thunder’s album The Storm probably fits pretty well in the category of these bands.

Opening track starts off immediately with the fast paced hard rock riff of Dream Girl, which can sound a bit generic, but it also gives attitude where attitude is needed, bringing the song in to perspective. Then there are tracks like My Baby Loves To Dance, We Love To Party and She Wants Sex where BlindSide Thunder adopts a sleazy rock sound, nothing unheard of, but they have their moments that stick in your memory after a couple of listens.

The two songs that stand out the most are Draw The Line (No, it’s not an Aerosmith cover) and Say Goodbye. The former of the two has some of the best vocal melodies, while Say Goodbye is the song on the album that has the most heart, despite being as hard a rocking track as the rest of the album, which impresses me. Both songs successfully keep me hooked from start to finish.

Musically, I find Take Me Down and Slow, Hard & Steady to be the best songs. Both songs have a tad more than simple power chords to their sound. Slow, Hard & Steady has a jungle drum beat playing behind the main riff throughout the song which I love. Take Me Down is the bluesiest song on the album, starting off with a standard blues sounding riff which becomes more distorted before the song really kicks in, but it never loses that bluesy feel.

The last song on the album is Blue Agave. It is one of the slower songs on the album, with a bit of a roadhouse feel to it. The part that sticks out of the song most with me is the guitar riff that plays between the verses, and the guitar solo itself which has a genuine emotion to it that I don’t really hear in the other guitar solos.

I’ve definitely heard worse bands who make it their sole purpose to sound like a classic hard rock bands, but I’ve also heard plenty better too. Even though the music that BlindSide Thunder provide on The Storm is rather enjoyable, I think they need a more modern, or at least original edge to their songs rather than taking clichés from past bands and just adding a little bit of BlindSide Thunder to those clichés.


Draw The Line” –­ The highlight has to be one of the hardest rockers on the album, but it also needs to be one I’m sure will catch people’s attention best. There is no doubt that I feel Draw The Line is that track, as it shows people what the band is about – which is rocking hard with an attitude – all while keeping listeners attention all the way through.


7 (Out of 10)

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