Bakaric “The Reign of the New Me Pt. 1”

When I saw the genre description for Bakaric‘s The Reign of the New Me Pt.1 listed as “Electronic/Rock” I’ll admit I had my reservations. I’ve never been one for electronic anything really, and definitely not a full EP or LP worth of songs. This was all that went through my head before giving Bakaric a listen.

In actuality I learned upon listening to the opening track We Are The Scene that the term “electronic” is used rather lightly. Jon-Paul Bakaric, the mastermind behind the project, does have a strong rock sensibility. Both the opening track and the second track War have a marching drum intro (I can’t tell if the drums are organic or played through a machine) and as the songs gets more into it, the sounds of guitar and piano start to fill the speakers and the song takes off. Bakaric’s vocals fit well and by the end of the songs I forget that “electronic” was ever used in the songs description.

The electronic elements are apparent in the song Push. At first it starts off with a very nice and humbling piano playing behind Bakaric’s vocals and starts to sound like the beginnings of a nice ballad. Then the rest of the songs instrumentation comes in and it all sounds like it’s coming from a machine, which I’m not crazy about. The more I listen to the song, the more I warm up to the writing behind the song, but every time I listen to it I can’t help but lose the songs meaning in its heavy use of production tricks. Surrender has the same heavy usage of electronics, but the vocal melodies and increased usage of guitars makes the song much more enjoyable.

The Reign of the New Me Pt. 1’s final track, Take Me Away, goes back to hiding the electronic elements of Bakaric fairly well. The song is of a slow pace, frankly most of the songs have a slow pace, but Take Me Away has a good farewell feeling to it; one that puts all five songs on the EP in to perspective.

Despite the choice things I have to say about the usage of electronics in the songs, I hear some good songwriting in Jon-Paul Bakaric that I feel makes The Reign of the New Me Pt. 1 worth a listen. The music is unique, which I’m sure is what Bakaric is going for, and I have to commemorate that effort. Frankly if it wasn’t for the electronic elements this may have very well just been another rock EP.


We Are The Scene” –­ The reason I pick this over the other tunes is because it mixes all elements heard on The Reign of the New Me well. It sounds like a slightly less than organic rock song, but it doesn’t overdo the electronic aspects. In fact, many listeners probably couldn’t make out what about the song is electronic and what is organic.


7 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1 We Are the Scene Bakaric 4:09
2 War Bakaric 4:38
3 Push Bakaric 5:06
4 Surrender (feat. Josh Waldorf) Bakaric 3:55
5 Take Me Away Bakaric 5:24



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