Lost in a Name “A Silence In Static”

What we have with Lost In A Name is a different than average duo. Like all duos, the band consists of a guitarist (Danny Schmitz) and a drummer (Geoff Slater) and like about 90% of duos, the guitarist is the singer of the band. Unlike most duos, Lost In A Name, from a recording perspective, have a much more full sound, not limiting themselves to just the two instruments that they have members credited for. Oh, and they are a heavy metal band. Not a common genre for a duo to be in.

Their recent album is called A Silence In Static, and you’d never guess that the band only has two members. It is also filled with guest appearances of people you may or may not know. The band plays a fast and heavy style, sort of like a metalcore band, but the vocals are completely clean.

At the beginning of the first song, Avert The Enemy, you already hear that there are more than just two instruments being played. The keyboards are impossible to miss, and it’s pretty obvious that there are guitar overdubs to add power to the guitar sound, and there is a bass guitar keeping the rhythm. When in the right mood I enjoy the song, there is nothing in particularly wrong with it, it’s nothing new though.

The first song on A Silence In Static to have a guest appearance is Get Off My Hoverboard! The song isn’t entirely different from Avert The Enemy, but I definitely find it to be more catchy both in vocal melody and in guitar playing. The guest musician is someone by the name of JoeK who provides a rap heard just past halfway through the song which I’m indifferent about, though it does pick up in intensity after the (pretty good) guitar solo.

Lost In A Name continue to put out enjoyable but somewhat bland while impressively played metal songs such as the well paced Buried In Static, the catchy If You’re Not Living You’re Dying and the balls to the wall Sever The Ties. I don’t know if bland is the right word, because after enough listens I start to enjoy the songs more and more, but I’m not sure how different they are from other heavy metal and even heavy punk bands. By this point in the album I always start to see the resemblance between Danny’s singing voice and Escape The Fate‘s vocals. There are also Nice Guys Finish Last (But It’s Worth The Wait) and EHONDA, both heard later on the album. The former of the two has its moments but it’s EHONDA that I think has some of the best guitar work on the album, definitely my favourite solo, and it has some of the catchiest moments on the album.

The most unnecessary moment on the album is the bands cover of Come Together. Aerosmith covered the Beatles classic not even ten years after the original was released, but the difference is Aerosmith had an established sound unlike anyone else and impressively kept the songs attitude while completely sounding like Aerosmith the entire time. Plus Aerosmith were asked to make the cover for a soundtrack. This heavy metal version loses all feel of the original and with Lost In A Name’s lack of identity, the song just sounds like something anyone could have done. I’m sure it was done for fun. Danny and Geoff probably jam to the song a lot and thought “hey, let’s record it for kicks,” which is cool, I just don’t dig it.

One of my favourite songs on the album is Cold Wisconsin Nights. This was the first song to stick in my head on A Silence In Static, not surprising because it’s a ballad and sounds like absolutely nothing else on the album. I respect the band a lot more because they weren’t afraid or too macho to include a ballad on the album. The song still has balls to it, but it is impressively light hearted and well written. From a song writing perspective I’d have to say this is the best song on the album.

The album ends with Voiceless, featuring Alien Ant Farm vocalist Tye Zamora. The song is a little darker than the rest of the album and at moments, when the verses are slow in pace, the song sounds different from other songs on the album, but really the song in general is just like any other on the album. It’s loud and heavy, sure to please a heavy metal fan, and has another fast played guitar solo, but it’s not one of those songs that closes off an album well. I mean it doesn’t make you want more and it doesn’t sum up the album, it’s just another song.

A Silence In Static is a heavy metal album that is sure to please a heavy metal fan. Lost In A Name‘s Danny and Geoff are undeniably talented with their instruments, I mean there is some beyond impressive guitar and drum playing on this album, but being great at an instrument isn’t always the ticket. Ideally originality is key, but originality isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve, but a little more concentration on song writing and a little less concentration on how to impress people with fast playing goes a long way. Really, the album is good, I mean I’ve reviewed some bad and boring albums, A Silence In Static isn’t, but it’s just not something memorable.


If You’re Not Living You’re Dying” –­ I always just find this song to be the one that makes me say “hey, not bad.” When listening to the album on shuffle, something I do after first listening to the album as a way to see how well songs stand out on their own, this is always the heavy song in which I’d have to look at to make sure which one I’m listening to because I want to remember it to point out that it’s just catchy in a way the rest of the album isn’t. The guitar solo is a little off, but everything else about the song is absolutely on. Below is a link to hear the song. Couldn’t find an embed this time.




6.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:


 1. Avert The Apathy 03:28
2. Get Off My Hoverboard!(feat. JoeK) 03:26
3. Buried In The Static 03:57
4. If You’re Not Living You’re Dying 03:53
5. Sever The Ties 03:29
6. Come Together (feat. Jessie Farnsworth) 03:46
7. Cold Wisconsin Nights (feat. Melissa Menago & Ari Herstand) 04:17
8. Nice Guys Finish Last (But Its Worth The Wait) 03:40
9. EHONDA 03:32
10. Voiceless (feat. The Zamora) 05:10




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