Bubbles Erotica “Elephants Never Forget”

Bubbles Erotica are one of those bands I find hard to classify. I always want to say they are a punk band, but realistically I know they’re not, just for some reason that’s the first was I always want to categorize them. I wouldn’t say hard rock, definitely not metal, there’s nothing really progressive there either, it’s definitely alternative, but there is a free spirited nature that lurks behind every song on their EP Elephants Never Forget which I think it why I want to say alternative punk is the best way to categorize them.

In the four songs presented on this EP, Bubbles Erotica succeed in making a statement with their ability to not record the same song twice, something that is very important for an independent band to do on an EP. The first song, also the bands most promoted song, FreakNasty, has elements of alternative bands like Finger Eleven and also hard punk bands like The Flatliners, but Bubbles Erotica’s sound is a little lighter and friendlier than the two mentioned bands.

Super Unnatural blends in melodies that sound like they could belong to the soundtrack to a horror movie, maybe an old horror movie, and turns those melodies into a fun sounding rock song. My only complaint is at this point of the EP, lead singer Philip Edward doesn’t sound like he’s putting too much effort into his vocal performance, making the music sound better than the singing, with only few positively memorable moments vocally in both this song and FreakNasty.

That opinion is changed when listening to the second half of Elephants Never Forget. First we have my favourite of the four tracks, People; a slow song that starts off with just piano and vocals only to have the rest of the band fill in about a minute in. This time I hear real emotion out of Philip’s voice. Musically the song is as good, if not better, than the other two songs have been to this point. I like the Innermission that concludes the song, but I feel it comes too early, I wish there was another verse to the song before it went into Innermission.

Elephants Never Forget ends with Inhaling Ghosts, another slow song, but this time it is darker and at most points a harder rocking song than any point on the album. The song transitions between soft verses to hard verses to completely different choruses very well, and I should also mention that the vocals sound as intense as I’d hope they would be for a song such as this.

Musically I think Bubbles Erotica show some great song writing out of all four songs on Elephants Never Forget. As mentioned earlier, no two songs sound the same, and a lot of different elements are found in all four songs. Punk, alternative, some hard rock, and some unique elements like the fun horror movie sound of Super Unnatural. The vocals can throw me off, but when listening to the EP in order, I usually forget about that by the end of the EP. I think there is potential for something special with the band, they just have to try a little harder before they find what that is.


Inhaling Ghosts” –­ FreakNasty is the most promoted song from the album, but frankly it is my least favourite. There is nothing to the song that shows how Bubbles Erotica can stand out from the pack. Inhaling Ghosts shows the song writing of the band that I enjoy so much, as well as the capabilities of playing hard rock and slow alternative rock all in one song, all while maintaining a good intensity with the songs vocals, making it to be the perfect highlight.




6.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:

FreakNasty 04:36
2. Super Unnatural 03:54
3. People/Innermission 04:32
4. Inhaling Ghosts 05:36



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