stickybackplastics. “stickybackplastics.”

It feels like ages since I’ve reviewed an EP. Earlier in the year I kept reviewing LPs and forgot how quick and unfortunately short a review based on a three-track EP can be. For this instalment I’ll be talking about A relatively new alternative band (falsely categorized as “blues rock”) from England called stickybackplastics. The band is made up of three members, but at times their self-titled EP can sound so full that I was surprised there are only three members.

The first song on the EP is Vampire. To stay true to the song title, the stickybackplastics made sure that this song had a slow and very dark sound to it. It also goes back and forth from clean guitar tones to fuzzy distorted chords at the flick of a switch, as if a Vampire is actually sneeking up on you and then it attacks. Vampire may take a few listens to truly appreciate though. The song has surprisingly superior writing to it, but it lacks a true hook which makes the song come up just ever so slightly short.

It’s the second track Toxic Secret that I feel should have opened the EP. While still dark in its own right, the song gets straight to the point. It also has a bit more energy to it, having a more consistent pace throughout giving listeners a better idea of what the band may just be all about. The final track Ten Years sums up the entire EP by mixing together the best aspects of stickybackplastics previous two songs and putting them all in one good closing track. It is slow like Vampire, but it has a more consistent pace like Toxic Secret, and it has the most standout chorus on the album, both from a vocal and musical aspect. This is the perfect closer because it makes me forget about any short comings (and there are only truly a few) and makes me want more.

The main thing I remember about this EP after each time listening to it is the darkness. Lead vocalist Heather Niven’s voice matches the dark tones of the stickybackplastics perfectly. I enjoy the song writing behind most of the music on the EP. There is a little something missing though, I think it’s the production quality, in which case this is a redundant statement; there’s not much that can typically be done from a production standpoint for independent bands. Aside from all of that I look forward to seeing what else comes from stickybackplastics.


Ten Years” –­ I pretty much already summed up why this is the highlight. It sums the three stickybackplastics songs in a nutshell and displays the basic idea of the band for all listeners to hear.



7 (Out of 10)


Track List:

1 Vampire 3:56
2 Toxic Secret 3:50
3 Ten Years 4:41



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