Motorfire “Rising Fire”

I’m going to make up a sub-genre – Nostalgia Metal. The name is simple straight forward and that’s something I’ve found with some bands I’ve reviewed. Not so much the ones who have obvious influence from past metal, or rock, bands and add a modern and original twist. Nostalgia metal bands are the bands that don’t care about doing anything but pleasing themselves and the fans of whatever kind of metal bands they are trying to be like. Such can most definitely be said about Slovenian metal band Motorfire.

What Motorfire play is a mix of classic metal bands like Accept and New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands like Angel Witch. The problem with this is – how many people currently reading this know both of those bands? Not many, right? So the crowd that would be pleased by such re-hashed principals is minimal. However, that does give them a chance at opening some eyes to people who may not know such hidden past metal gems.

Even the raw production of their album Rising Fire sounds like something from the 80s, which for me personally adds to my interest in the album. The opening track – the title track Rising Fire – is an instrumental with all the bare essentials, right down to the usage of twin guitars. Then the first full song Burnout is where you really think you’re listening to something from the 80s. Once again Angel Witch comes to mind. Anej Marušič’s lead vocals have that higher pitch, lacking rasp but he isn’t afraid to hit the high notes when he feels necessary.

The album wastes no time in getting to a song like Metropolis of Dreams which has the aspects of most of the songs on the album, switching from a slow pace to a faster pace multiple times throughout the song. It sounds like a good song to listen at night time, assisted by its production. But the songs main purpose on the album is to serve as a showcase for guitarists Boštjan Pertinač and Maks Šuc whose shared guitar solo is responsible for the songs length surpassing six minutes. I must admit though that both guys know how to play their guitars, and what impresses me is how credible they sound as guitarists who could have played in Iron Maiden or Queensrÿche.

The rest of the album is for the most part filled with other similar songs. Not ones that sound the same necessarily, but are structured the same; mostly fast paced, heavy, exceptional harmonies (both vocally and with guitars) and they continue to sound like bands who keep popping in my head like Warlock. Even the ballad Miss You is something not bad to listen to, but it follows so much of the metal power ballads to have preceded it. There are some very listenable songs, including the ballad, on the album. Others include Ghost Rider and Demoni, the latter being sung in a different language. I wish I knew the language, “Demoni” is Italian but the band is Slovenian, however the language being sung could be neither. One other track to spotlight is the song Motorfire, which is the last song on the album before Feel Your Burning Heart; the forty-five second instrumental conclusion to the album.

I don’t dislike Rising Fire, not at all. I do enjoy the songs and I’m impressed by how well Motorfire capture their sound. However, not only has it been done, but it’s proven less than successful before. Rest assured though that I’m not basing my rating on that last fact, more so because it’s been done and they don’t succeed in revolutionizing. Just like I’ve said about certain other bands I’ve reviewed in the past, I don’t know what the market it for such Nostalgia Metal in other countries such Motorfire’s home land Slovenia, but I don’t really see a crowd for them in North America.


Claws’n’Fangs” –­ It was between this and Burnout. Burnout seems to be the main song that Motorfire promotes, and while the music really stands out on Burnout, I feel the vocal harmonies and melodies make Claws’n’Fangs more of a highlight to my ears and shows the attitude presented throughout Rising Fire.



6.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:

1 Rising Fire 1:59
2 Burnout 3:15
3 Metropolis of Dreams 6:19
4 The Pride 3:37
5 Ghost Rider 4:18
6 Claws’n’Fangs 3:48
7 Miss You 4:12
8 Night Version 4:10
9 Demoni 5:05
10 Motorfire 4:44
11 Feel Your Burning Heart 0:45



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